Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending March 24, 2024

Ken Penrod Fish Reports

Captain Ken Penrod; Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Brian Barnes; Zak Marinkov
Ken Enshrined into National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame-Legendary Guide.
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Fishing Report for Week Ending March 23, 2024
Ken Penrod 20-Inch Smallmouth Club
For Clients catching a smallmouth of 20 inches & up or 5 Pounds and more.
Sponsored by Ardent Outdoors and Riverfront Campground
Tim Roach-5-3
Ken-6.7#, 22.50
Jesse Colie, 20,1/4
Dave Kerrigan, 20 1/8
Ken, 20.25”
Amy, 18 ¾”
LOU Potomac River Largemouth Club
For clients catching a Potomac bass 18 inches and longer
Sponsored by Lowrance Electronics and Ardent Outdoors
LOU Fish of the Week
Tim Roach—5 pounds, three oz-19” smallmouth
Ken—22.5”, six pounds 11 ounce
Ladies: Amy
HOT HOT: Lures of the Week
For smallmouth
Campground tubes from Riverfront Campground attached to 1/8th ounce RAB jig heads with 1’/0 hooks on 8# mono on Ardent reels and med action rods.
Rapala Jerk Baits.

Case Magic Swim on RAB swim-jig heads
For Tidal Largemouth
Big Mouth “Big Shaky” and Big Mouth “Penrod” spinnerbait.
Case Magic Stik & Magic Swims.
Campground tubes
Sq. bill cranks & bomber firetiger.
SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS- PA: ****; clear; under 5 feet on both but jumping some due to rain; 40 degrees.
Winter refuses to let-go and this past week was cold and windy, making those Simms outfits and toe warmers very pleasant—or “pleasenter” sic. One day the river was white-capped and nasty with 45-50 mph gusts. Sat brought a few inches of needed rain and a cancellation.
As you may know, Riverfront Campground has a new owner (Tractor Mike Herbert) and Johnny Cunningham is still there as a consultant. I like the new guy and love the old guy. The camp store is up and running with lots of camping stuff—and a great “Big Mouth Lure” display-and lots of Campground tubes.
I’ve been guiding this sector for more than 20 years and I’ve never seen bigger, healthier smallmouth bass. I caught a six pound 11 ounce on a tube and it’s a “personal best” by far. Tim Roach caught an 18” fat-ass bass that was the widest I’ve ever seen and it weighed 5 pounds 33 ounces. Some of the bass are still sporting the black blotches but that goes away with warmer water.
I arrived here on the 13th and the river was 54 degrees and 11-feet. Today its 40 degrees’ and five feet (lost 6 feet and 14 degrees. Winter was bitch-slapping spring for sure.
You would think that the loss of so much water and temperature that the fish would forget about spawning but that’s not the fact. Monday’s full moon spell must be compelling because I haven’t seen much of a retreat.
The bass are eating a lot of different lures but tubes are a given with jerk baits and Case Magic Swim paddle tails a super choice too.
Capt Dave Kerrigan reports: week two to be colder with dropping water levels and temps. The fishing was still good with all spots producing action. The fish have spread out some as slower current opens up more places. With the full moon upon us the fish seem ready to move up and lay some eggs. Many fish we caught were full and fat. Purple tail CS tubes continue to produce best but moving water baits like beavers and Case Lil Swims allowed to swing back in the moving water are coming on strong. Let those baits sweep all the way back behind the boat. Many bites way out in the current will surprise you. Thanks to Simms gear for warm and dry outerwear that won’t disappoint! Needed it this week for sure!
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Captain Ken Penrod (Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, Legendary Guide)
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