Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending August 28, 2022

Ken Penrod’s LOU Fishing Reports for 2022
Our 41sth Year!

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Week Ending August 28, 2022

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There are a thousand stories out there—and tens of thousands of tears.
Many of us in the bass fishing fraternity owe these people because of their endeavors as boat builders and legend makers—in a business with ego-driven wanna-bes on a stage, imaginary or real, but with so many damn good people too—and Nina and Forrest knew the difference. Nina sent me a short before every Classic with a not in the pocket sayin” “see you at the big dance.” Forrest invited me to his ranch to turkey hunt and said “Jerry McKinnis and I own 200 miles of shoreline the White River” but Jerry told me later that he owned 2 of those miles.
At a Bassmaster Classic in Richmond, VA, where I was an “Observer”, Forrest came to me at the on-stage weigh-in to thank me for my promotion of the Ranger Boats. They never failed to visit our booths at the outdoor shows and attended some of my seminars. Love these folks—and so fortunate to have had them in my life.
TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; <80; clear with algae stain; hydrilla take-over; lonesome. Remember—Resident Goose Season begins September 1 so don’t be a silly goose and screw the hunters. Lots of geese on a water could be lots of decoys too. The traditional end of summer is this weekend—but bass have their own calendar and they disagree. Until the water temp reaches the 60-degree mark—in the morning—you fish like it’s summer—check the drop-offs before going to the vegetables and wood, rocks and concrete are my focus. IN DC: not much drainage water, and none of it is good, coming from the 250-miles of feeder Potomac—so current is vital and either tide provides that—you just have to make adjustments for that. It’s a lot of work here because of the conditions but look for reasons to stop—before you do. The railroad bridge foundations and adjacent humps are really the place to be during slower flow and mix-it with slow and fast (Campground tubes and crankbaits.) I always test the Anacostia River to Bolling AFB rip rap but look for bait before you waste your time. Cranks, Big Shakeys, Whopper Plopper in the AM. The area between Key Bridge and Chain Bridge is a “risk” if you are unfamiliar, but it’s a smallmouth habitat that I don’t often offer up. That dropoff in front of The Kennedy Center is fickle but fruitful. Remember—Blue Plains Treatment facility and Fox Ferry Point are ALL DDC water. Maybe the best of all. Penrod Cove to Broad Creek includes more habitat that you can efficiently fish in a 12-hour day. Tie a Bomber firetiger 7-A to an Ardent crankbait rod with that awesome Summit Hawk reel—and I like 12-pound test Bass Pro Excel monofilament—green. Do those docks and points in Smoot Bay and don’t neglect the Belle Haven Coves that the “bird-watchers” want “filled.” Why do we coddle such idiocy? Hog Island and the “rip rap from the old I-95 bridge should not be neglected. POMONKEY and Beyond: *** in Pomonkey for falling water and hit or miss in Pohick Big Mouth spinnerbaits and Case Magic Stik. Those Navy structures on the way to Mattawoman are, well, good stuff and I hate putting that out. MATTAWOMAN & the AREA: ** depending on tide and time-***depending on talent and tide; Perhaps the most abused trib in the Potomac system but easily the finest aquatic habitat. There is no finer, more productive, habitat rich tributary in the entire Chesapeake Bay system—but there were better and you and I and habitat cops screwed thatWait—I’m talking to natural resource advocates so why shouldn’t I rant. Here you go: list all the good things MD DNR has done for the fisheries, you know, like striped bass; blue crabs; oysters; smallmouth bass in the upper Potomac; largemouth bass in the upper Bay, Potomac and MD eastern Shore. They all need to be fired…Hogan wasn’t a conservative—he was a hooded Demorat. He had convicted felons on his fisheries committees. UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **ish; <80; so low and so slow; bumpy bad; bacteria to the shameful level; 1.1 at the Point of Rocks gauge. Very low water will cause me to postpone our Cast & Blast charters for Resident Canada Geese that begins September 1 (Thursday). Yow—it’s low and not so strange for this time of year—but you must wonder about the “along-the-way” diversions from states that use it for drinking water—and waste removal. Is that contrary? Some stations have negative flows in other models and “No One Talks About Public Health Concerns. Us boat anglers are tough though, maybe not as tough as those tubers and waders that even put river water in their mouths. Floats or wet wading is best in most sectors but you can still boat about from some of the launches. I like the Whites Ferry or Lander ops at this level. It’s time for six pound test on medium action spinning tackle such as the Ardent Edge and C-Force. Long casts because the water is clear—and stealth is wealth. Get on the water at first light and wear those buzzbait blades out, Case Magic Stik, Helgramitte, Zipper Worms and Pin Tails are perfect and cover lots of water with the Case Magic Swim in a 1/8th ounce RAB swim jig head. SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, in PA: **1/2; clear but bottom-slime is a problem; 80ish; 3.2 at the Harrisburg Gauge and 3.6 at Newport on the Juniata. The Susquehanna River complex is huge and even the Juniata is about 100miles long so understand that I report on the main stem between Montgomery Ferry and the Rockville Bridge. As for the Juniata, my main focus is from Amity Hall to the river with some of the West Branch tribs on occasion. I remember when anglers used to believe that “Fishing Season” began on Memorial Day ended on Labor Day which really meant that summer was fishing season. Well, it is fishing season, because every month is now. It’s just so much better in the Spring and Fall. My suggestion for you is hire a guide that knows how to navigate low water or call John Cunningham at Riverfront Campground (Duncannon, PA) and arrange for a rental boat and a shuttle. John also has a well-stocked tackle store with most of the lures we brag about as well as drinks and snacks. This shallow water and early light are perfect ingredients for topwater action for smallmouth bass that take your breath away. Get yourself some Big Mouth Lure Company spinnerbaits and vibrating jigs too and Campground Special tubes and some Case Magic Stiks and Magic Swims. Good outdoor rules: (1) don’t eat the yellow snow, and (2 don’t get river water in your mouth or wounds. <>
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