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Week Ending September 26, 2021


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Tidal Potomac River: **; stained, some debris; mid-70s
The upper Potomac is still spewing dirty water and debris from last week’s flooding but could clear by the weekend. Bass fishing was difficult throughout much of the estuary all week but certain areas always remain semi-clean such at that downstream of the Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant (Penrod Cove and Smoot Bay—plus the Washington Channel.) This latest series of high, dirty water will diminish the hydrilla beds as will the cooling water—BUT it’s still summer patterns for the most part. Look for diving seagulls to locate schooling juvenile rockfish—and clean water, especially in the tribs, for largemouth bass.
The river has fished-tough most of the summer but cooling water and lessening sun light will create more opportunity due to grass beds dying off.
The many miles of “walls” and rip rap in DC will become productive where Big Shakey, crabkbaits and tubes get my recommendation. Same for the WW Bridge vicinity, especially concrete and submersed wood.
Creeks to the south will become home to even more baitfish so work those spatterdock as long as it’s standing.

UPPER POTOMAC: *; 70ish; muddy but clearing; 4-feet at Point of Rocks=-down from 8.5 Saturday. Slow falling trend this week
Another flushing to an already diminished bottom habitat but chilling water will create extended feeding to the rather meager population of smallmouth bass.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVES, PA: *1/2 main stem, *** middle Juniata. 70s ish; some color; 7.1at the Harrisburg gauge, down from 11.5 last Friday, falling to 5.5 by Thursday. On the Juniata at Newport, kit’s 6-feet, down from 12-feet.
Enough said. Look for a much better week.
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