Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Weekending April 27, 2020

LOU Fishing Report for Week Ending 42720.

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I’m sure you have noticed but so many “experts” surface during events out of the norm but this Covid-thing has all the “Crickets” “KeyBoard Athletes: and “Wannabes” flourishing—not to mention the media—like those squeaky-voiced ladies that know someone that knew someone—and those gay anchors (Lemon, Cooper, Maddow, and Roberts), that make-stuff-up to get at our President.

Social media is oozing with losers that hide, like crickets, when their subject is close, but mouth-a-bunch like sissies when they “think” their target will not get wind. Steve Chaconas comes to mind and I really can’t wait to teach him some manners. He’s been invited twice—now the Party is mine.
Did you know that our region has received more than 5 inches of rain so far this April, BUT, did you know that WIND, not rain has been the nemesis? Whew—my Simms and Patagonia gear has been tested. For the record—you just don’t have to be cold and wet anymore.
Regional Water Conditions:
Tidal Potomac River: ***, mid 50s, a little color—more to come
Upper Potomac River: *1/2; low 50s; color; 4.4 rising to 7 feet by Tues.
Susquehanna River, Harrisburg & North Region: ***; Guides are the only users banned from PA waters; 5.5 rising to 7.5 by Wed; low 50s
Juniata River (Lower End): **1/2; low 50s; some color; 6-feet at Newport rising to 6.5
PA Trout Streams: crowded with little regard to social distancing. A WOLFE thing.

Some regional rules, regs and suggestions for fishing various states:

(VIRGINIA) The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) (VIRGINIA) is taking the COVID-19 virus very seriously and wants to make sure our staff and constituents are taking all necessary precautions. DGIF encourages everyone in the Commonwealth to utilize the online option, for all of your licensing and registration needs. Hunters, anglers, boaters and wildlife enthusiasts can do most transactions online.
As you may have seen circulating around social media, DGIF has not canceled any hunting seasons or fishing opportunities. All access points are open. ALL LICENSE REQUIREMENTS AND REGULATIONS ARE STILL FULLY ENFORCEABLE. YOU MUST HAVE A LICENSE WHEN YOU ARE HUNTING AND FISHING. Please follow all rules and regulations.
Can I go hunting?
Limited hunting is allowed if you are seeking food for you or your family, but the social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed.
Can I go fishing?
Recreational fishing is prohibited. Limited fishing is allowed only if you are seeking food for you or your family, but the social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed.
Can I hunt or fish for species that are out-of-season to obtain food?
No. All current fishing, crabbing, and hunting rules and regulations still apply, including the requirement to have the appropriate licenses, permits and stamps.
Can I go boating?
Recreational boating is prohibited until the governor lifts the executive order or until the State of Emergency has ended. However, if an individual is boating to seek food for them or their family, boating is permitted. Boats used to transport essential employees or goods as defined in the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce are also permitted.
Does kayaking or paddle boarding count as recreational boating?
Since kayaking and paddle boarding are both human-powered forms of exercise, akin to bicycling, they are permitted under the executive order. Guidance on social distancing and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed.
Can I use a personal watercraft?
No, use of motorized personal watercraft is not permitted at this time.
I live on my sailboat – can I still be in my boat slip or moored out?
If your boat serves as your residence, you can remain on the vessel.
Can I go to a state park?
Hiking, biking, and walking are allowed under the executive order but social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed. Most state parks are open but some have been closed or have restricted areas. Please choose a park nearest your home to limit travel and be sure to check our website before you leave for the park and read our guidelines for social distancing in state parks. Natural Resources Police and Maryland Park Service rangers are authorized to enforce the governor’s executive order and will close areas and disperse crowds as necessary.
Can I fish in a state park?
Limited fishing is allowed if you are seeking food for you or your family, but the social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed.
Can I fish/crab from a boat if it is for sustenance?
Limited recreational fishing and crabbing is allowed if you are seeking food for you or your family, but social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed.
Can charter boats work next month since they technically fall under the recreational quota from a fisheries standpoint?
As part of the food supply chain, charter boats can continue operating but must abide by social distancing guidelines and the prohibition on gatherings of more than 10 people. Charter boats and head boats should NOT have more than 10 individuals (including captain and crew) on the vessel at any time.
Q: May I still fish and boat? Even under the stay-at-home order?
A: Yes. Effective 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, the PFBC opened the statewide 2020 trout season. Fishing and boating are currently acceptable forms of outdoor activities per the stay-at-home guidelines from the Governor and PA Department of Health when social distancing is practiced.
• Fish close to home
• Only go fishing with family members living in the same household
• Allow at least 6 feet between yourself and others
• If another angler is in an area you intended to fish, move on to another location
Guides and Charter Boats are barred from their profession but trout season is in full swing. Explain that one? Must be a Wolfe in the pack.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: Crazy for sure as MD bans recreational boating and fishing while Virginia welcomes both—and the Potomac River is the border. Almost everyone agrees that Virginia’s Governor is way-out-there but he allows water activity—and everyone thinks that Hogan is a Republican but acts like a Democrat. Do your best to comply with
Covid advice especially the contact and prolonged closeness and remember, short-time encroachment is expected—and no one can tell family and living-together citizens how close they may be—NO ONE. Wear a buff or mask for those less than 6-foot encounters and carry hand wipes for time-to-time sanitation. Drink Clorox for internal cleansing like media types recommend (sic) and of course, those Tice Pods the kids like may have value. LOL
Grass is scarce but find-it and work it. Lots of young bass is many areas between DC and Chickamuxen. A back-seat species, the crappie, and extra-large in the tidal Potomac and they are moving into traditional spawn sites—along with snakeheads and both are “good-for-dinner” in moderation. The yellow perch are thick and rockfish are all over< Crappie like the “teaser” tube by Riverfront Campground; snakehead like Big Mouth spinnerbaits and white Case Lil Magic Swims; bass like Case Magic Stiks, Campground tubes; Case Magic Swin on a 3/16th ounce RAB swim jig head, Big Mouth Big Shaky and Mizmo grubs. From Belle Haven to Mattawoman, the opportunities are pretty equal so play the wind, be good citizens and hire different Governors. SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA; banned to guides only. A discrimination suit is in the future. ## LOU Guides for 2020 Captain Ken Penrod: (National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame) Cell: 240-447-2206;; Facebook; LinkedIn; Instagram, Twitter @ken_penrod. Tidal Potomac; Upper Potomac; Susquehanna River; Juniata River; Maryland Eastern Shore Tidal Rivers; George Stevenson Reservoir. Captain Kenny Penrod 111, VP of Tidal Bass Operations @ 240-478-9055 Captain Dave Kerrigan, VP of Smallmouth Operations @ 301-252-5322; Captain Brian Barnes @ 302-745-4668, ## Meet My/Our Partners. The following are our sponsors and partners. Some are all encompassing within my group—and some are personal to the guide. All are valued. RiverPro; Mercury; Lowrance Electronics; Ardent Outdoors; Big Mouth Lure Company; Yeti; Patagonia; Case Plastics; Kuiu; Simms Fishing; Costa; Power Pole; NRA; Zipper Worms; RAB Jig Heads; Campground Tubes; Riverfront Campground; Big Bee/River Rocket (KP3); AlumaRyder; (Dave Kerrigan); Columbia Design & Graphics; Guidefitters; NRA; Maggie Penrod.