Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending October 23, 2022–final for year

Ken Penrod’s LOU Fishing Reports for 2022
October 23, 2022
Our 41sth Year!

Ken is enshrined in to: The National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as a Legendary Guide.

Angler Alerts, Fishing Advice & Conservation Concerns.
Week Ending October 23, 2022

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Professional Guide Since 1982—USCG Licensed
We Wrote “The Books” on Regional Fishing.
Licensed, Drug Tested, Commercially Insured, Time Tested.
Expert Fishing Instructors for:
Tidal Potomac River <> Upper Potomac River <> Susquehanna River
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Susquehanna @ Harrisburg: 3.5, steady, clear, low 60s
Juniata @ Newport: 3.4 and steady. Clear, low 60s
Point of Rocks on Potomac: 1.1 and steady, 65 degrees
Paw Paw: 3.6 feet, steady, high 50s
Note that this will be my last fishing report for the year but not our last fishing because fall is usually as good as spring—but it’s deer season and that’s where I want to be now. Keep watching our sites because I will report on Hot Spots as they occur. Meanwhile don’t hesitate to get on our books for next spring.
TIDAL POTOMAC: **1/2; clear with dead grass stain; chilling.
Start your days dressed for chill and wind and the Simms brand has it all for water guys. The old saying “wear it all—you can always take it off” is in full force now.
In Washington D C jurisdictional water (Alexandria to Little Falls), remember that the true line is middle of Oxen Run through tallest part on the I-95 Bridge. Pretty good results here guys, for all three bass. This is crankbait-time so several of my rods will have them with depth range from 2-feet to 8. I like the Bomber 7A Firetiger best of all but experiment some. The hot-spot is the railroad bridge foundations and certain humps in that vicinity. Stripers like the Case Magic Swim here and smallmouth eat Campground tubes and Big Mouth vibrating jig. Deserving of your time include Washington Channel dropoff; rip rap from Anacostia to Bolling; Blue Plains and Fox Ferry Point.
I really like the WWB sector now especially Penrod Cove concrete; Rosalie Island barges; Smoot’s South Point and Belle Haven coves. There are some humps in this area that are holding rockfish best caught on white Big Shakeys; white Magic Swims and lipless crankbaits.
Southern creeks like Occoquan, Mattawoman, Chickamuxen and Aquia are attracting bait fish now and that mean bass too. Crank the wood, tube the drop-offs and spinnerbaits the remaining vegetation.
Some of these creeks are being overrun with blue catfish and unless we get a handle on them—they will make the snakehead look like a school marm by comparison. MD DNR drags their feet to make this species attractive to commercial interests so when you catch them, turn them into turtle food or take them home.
UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: *1/2; very clear, very low
I hesitate to fish here under current conditions because there are better areas closer to home.
SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: **; clear, decent depth and good fishing
It’s clear and low now but worth the effort as long as you choose your routes wisely and fish more than run.
Remember, there are hundreds of miles of river in this complex and we only report on a very select area.
We are currently taking reservations for dates between mid-March thru May so call Ken to get in the book. Last year clients have preference for dates they usually book
LOU Guides for 2022
Captain Ken Penrod: (National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame) Cell: 240-447-2206;; Facebook; LinkedIn; Instagram, Twitter @ken_penrod.
Tidal Potomac; Upper Potomac; Susquehanna River; Juniata River; Maryland Eastern Shore Tidal Rivers; George Stevenson Reservoir and trout streams in Cameron County, PA-near Sinnamahoning..
Captain Dave Kerrigan, VP of Smallmouth Operations @ 301-252-5322;

Captain Brian Barnes @ 302-745-4668,

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Trips are for one or two persons. Catch and release; lost lures and broken rods not included; only we can change the date once booked; $200 non nonrefundable deposit required; no drugs no alcohol. We reserve the right to move the trip to a different water if conditions warrant.
Who is Ken Penrod?
Well, for openers, Ken is enshrined into the “Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, as a Legendary Guide.” The only other Marylandl guide of this exclusive group is Lefty Kreh and he passed. That’s “good company.”
Ken is a Pennsylvania product, but as he likes to tell it: “I had to leave after a stint at Pitt–before I starved.” Born in Portage, PA, to Kenneth & Arvilla, with “Bro” Bill and Sisters Joyce and June (deceased), Ken was always the “outdoorsman,” founding the Portage Junior Sportsmen Club, and a two-time president of his high school Junior Sportsmen Club.
A 17 year career in the construction industry was just another “challenge” to Ken and he became a “foreman” at age 21, and a “superintendent” at 23, and a VP at 30 and an owner at 35. Along the way he won national awards for “Design Award of Excellence,” and more.
Fast Forward to 1982: Ken formed a hunting and fishing guide service that is known as “Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited,”
Meanwhile—he has been one of the most active businessman and conservationist in the region, selfishly fighting for your benefit.
• Two Terms as President of Maryland Bass Federation
• Founder of National Award Winning “Youth Activities” Program
• Founder of MBF Youth Mr. Bass & State Team
• National BASS Federation “Man of the Year”
• National BASS Federation “Federation of the Year”
• National BASS Federation “Federation of the Year, 2nd Place
• Four (4) BASS National Awards for Conservation (Primarily for accomplishments and achievements on waters in MD, PA, VA & DE)

• Thirteen (13) Regional Conservation Awards
Always the Conservationist—and activist:
• Izaak Walton League Chesapeake Bay Conservation Award
• Member of HYDRAC Committee (Dept. of Commerce)
• Past Committee Chair for TV-7 Capitol-City Fish Derby for inner city Kids
• Past Chairman of “Congressional Fishing Tournaments (9)
• Past National Member of “Black Bass Commission.”
• Past Member of Potomac River Fisheries Commission
• Founder of Camp Sycamore, a youth fishing camp
• Founding President of Wycoff Run Campers Association

• Owner of PPC Publications. Producing books titled
• Fishing the Upper Potomac River
• Fishing the Tidal Potomac River
• Tidewater Bass Fishing
• Fishing Lake Anna with Teddy Carr
• Ken Penrod’s Tidal Potomac River Fishing Bible
• Pursuing River Smallmouth Bass
Member of Outdoor Writers of America since 1985
• Hundreds of articles on fishing, hunting, youth activities, conservation and outdoors etiquette, noted especially for publications; “The Fishing Line,” “Fisherman Magazine,” BASS Times and more.”
• Writing awards from Fisherman Magazine and MDOWAA
• The “Outdoor Writer” as we know them are, sadly, dinosaurs-but Ken has his own Magazine, a website & Facebook page, called LOU Magazine.
Ken Penrod’s Mid-Atlantic Fishing Reports
(Posted every Monday on Facebook Page: Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited.) and website at for 38 years-Mid-March thru October.
Since 1982, Ken has written fishing reports on “waters we fish,” between mid-March and end-October. This forum is a “classroom” of sorts where we can “guide” anglers to great “spots” and recommend the best fishing equipment to help our followers—and our sponsors. Every weekly report mentions every sponsor and often specifically. What other guide service or news media can say that?
Ken Penrod’s Seminar Series
For 35+ years Ken has provided seminars at virtually every outdoor show of substance that are extremely well attended and advertised. The show season is highlighted by the 9-day “Great American Outdoor Show” by NRA at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. Ken and his guides are product-specific and season-driven.
Guide to Some Mighty Big People
President George Bush
Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner
Speaker Dick Armey
Senator Kit Bond
General Schwartscoff
Admiral Ed Straw
SecNavs John Dalton and Gordon England
Various Secretaries of US Government
Expert on the Following Waters:
Susquehanna River: PA
Juniata River; PA
Tidal Potomac River: MD, DC, VA
Upper Potomac River; MD, VA, WV
Eastern Shore Rivers: MD
(Choptank, Nanticoke, Wicomico & Pocomoke)
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Ken Penrod’s Summer Youth Camp—Camp Sycamore (for boys 12-18, conducted past 27 years from our lodge in Pennsylvania where the fishing and shooting arts are taught.) Twelve of my “boys” have been granted sponsorships/assistance at college-level for shooting and fishing skills. (Sponsored by most of my sponsors along with NRA, Wienhardt Inc., Sinnamahoning Sportsman Club, Case Plastics, Lowrance Electronics, RAB Jigs; Campground Tubes; many clients.
Well, have you read the above? My businesses and our influence in a very rich and buyer-friendly region has been steady-as-a-rock—in spite of 2020. Let there be no doubt—we got a bloody-nose but we are NOT new-comers—and we are business savvy. We know that the fishing industry has changed dramatically. Hell, I was there when Lowrance isn’t Lowrance; Ranger isn’t Ranger; Evenrude is gone; Berkly isn’t Bedel; Humminbird isn’t Humminbird.
Jerry McKinnis, Lefty Kreh, Darrell Lowrance and many other icons have moved on.
Ken Penrod and his businesses survive—because we understand business. Until 2020, we have maintained stable bookings although 2018 was historic floods and 2019 was historic drought. That pandemic of 2020 was a killer-but not us. We have produced 30 weekly fishing reports per year on both website and Facebook; We have provided more than 300/400 guided trips per year—in a wealthy, gear-buying demography. I personally do 150.
For Many years I was a paid, multi-seminar per day, headliner speaker at the Largest Outdoor Show in the World: NRS’s Great American Sportsman Show—a 9-day event. You all know that “fishing shows” are history. We/I do the social media as well as anyone without a staff.
I led the lobby, alone sometimes, to eliminate “piercing cull tools” as bass tournament implements. See my article on LOU Magazine. I wrote and called the national tournament directors including Jerry McKinnis of BASS and FLW as well as MD DNR and VA FIG. My persistence payed of. Most orgs have banned the use of those tools.
I did a made-for-TV show in 2018 with Roland Martin on the Potomac (my 5th with him) and was able to mention many of my sponsors uniquely.
We, Ken Penrod’s Life Outdoors Unlimited, are the most respected, most used fresh and brackish water, bass fishing guide service in an area where 1/3rd of all fishing license are sold.
I’m training young men and women to carry on our love/respect for fishing, environment and growth. Do you know anyone doing more than me?