Life Outdoors Unlimited Rate Schedule

We provide guide service to so many waters that it’s not practical to provide a lump sum rate. We encourage you to bring your own rods and reels. You may rent rods from us for $10.00 per rod, which will cover the cost of line replacement. You are responsible for appropriate fishing license. You bring your lunch and drinks—and suitable clothing & personals. We make only one guarantee: 100% effort from our guides. A nonrefundable $200 deposit is required. Balance is due at end of trip in cash or check. We practice “catch & release” for black bass. We reserve the right to change this schedule. Please review the following.

Rates Are For One or Two Anglers.
In some Cases We can take 3, add $50.

Tidal Potomac River:

See Trip Check.

$450 Plus Boat Gas (Average is $40)
Day = 7-8 Hrs. ½ day @ $300 plus gas (4 hrs) and launch fees
(Ken’s Rate is $500.00 Plus gas beyond and launch fees)

Susquehanna & Juniata Rivers, PA.

See Trip Check

Guide Rate: $450 plus Expense (Average is $50-$75)
½ day trips available @ $300 plus expense.
Full day (7-8 hours) (see “expense” defined below).
Lures and broken rods additional.
(Ken’s Rate is $500 Plus Boat Gas & Launch fee)

Upper Potomac River:

See Trip Check

$450 plus gas & Launch (Average $30)
½ Day @ $300 plus gas and launch.

MD Eastern Shore Tidal Rivers:

$400 plus boat gas.
(Ken’s Rate is $500 plus Expense)

Expenses defined:

Boat fuel and oil; vehicle gasoline; launch fees; road tolls; motel if required; live/dead bait; lost lures and/or broken tackle/rods.

Extended stay trips are plus expense (room and meals)