Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending June 26, 2022

Fishing Report for Week Ending June 26, 2022
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I’ve had a cell phone issue the past two weeks that have prevented me from getting many calls so if you called, and I didn’t return it—do it again.
I’d like to say Happy Summer—but I’ll just say, be happy this summer.
I’ve spent a great deal of my career promoting conservation, even fighting for conservation and environmental change so I know the sacrifice and loneliness of carrying a flag so easy to wave but not so easy to accomplish victory because while most will advocate for the “right” thing, few will go out of their way to make it happen.
We lost two great conservationist recently, one on a national scale and the other a regional hero.
Ray Scott was a giant for conservation, a leader the likes of which we may never see again and Bernie Fowler was a visionary that only wanted Chesapeake Bay’s Patuxent River to someday, be clear and clean enough to see his toes while hip deep in the river.
Both were my heroes.
TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; 80ish; some stain some places; areas received as much as 3-inches of rain last week; substantial flotsam
197 angers participated in the MLF, Toyota Series bass tournament June 23-25 (three days) and 52 lbs, 13 oz by Harry Linsinbigler won $44,000. 10th place had 45 pounds ($4200) and 20th had 41 ($3075). 46th thru 176 received nothing. Still want to be a tournament fisherman?
In the Washington D C sector the absence of vegetation keeps most anglers away but “cover” fishermen can capture a mix bag of smallmouth and largemouth that would have won a good check in the recent FLW.
Spinnerbaits and cranks above Three Sisters will bring smiles and tubes, cranks and grubs pitched to foundations at Key, Roosevelt and Long Bridge will crack you up.
The wall and drop off along Fort McNair is pretty steady—and there are good stripers
on the drop (10-12 foot contour—find them with your Lowrance to save time.
Rip rap from the Anacostia to Bolling and the airport are best on swift tides and Case Magic Swims, Big Mouth Big Shaky and Campground tubes are swiftly gulped but you must cast accurately to the edge.
Penrod Cove and Smoot Bay are hit or miss but must be checked every time. The concrete slabs hold keepers-plus and tubes can’t be beat. The barges along Rosalie Island and near North Point are slow water haunts and South Point is crankbait heaven. Work south point inside and all the way to the bend.
Gotta check: Charly’s Cove near Belle Haven, Hog Island, concrete rip rap nearby and channel marker structure near entrance to Swan Creek.
Mid River stops at Bull Town Cove; spatterdock in Pomonkey Creek during falling water; South shore of Pohick Bay and Navy diving dock and water intake structure.
Didn’t get near Mattawoman or and of the southern grass beds due to extreme tournament traffic all week.
UPPER POTOMAC RIVER (Brunswick to Seneca): **; clear with algae; 2.1 at Point of Rocks.
Some pretty steady action during low light from most of the lunch sites but an early start is essential unless you pick a cloudy day. The river is low and warm and bass are not in calm water. It’s time for 6-pound test Excel monofilament on your Ardent gear—but first: cast Whopper Ploppers, Poppers, buzz baits and Big Mouth spinnerbaits because they will catch the biggest fish. Campground tubes and Case Stiks are your main enticements and try a Case baby Magic Swim on an RAB swim jig head.
SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS (above and below Riverfront Campground); **1/2; clear-some algae; 4.3 at Harrisburg and 2.1 at Newport on the Juniata.
There is a lot of competition for food sources so expect bass to slam your offering which should include Big Mouth spinnerbaits; Big Shaky and D-Bombs; Case Magic Stiks; Case paddle tails and of course, Campground Special tubes.
Boating is tricky due to low water and wading is viable in many areas. Guys—there is no such thing as a rock proof boat.
Sorry folks and friends but due to Biden’s submarining of the economy, Camp Sycamore has decided to “pause” this year. Sadly, after nearly 40-years, this wonderful opportunity to be “one-with-nature” and two, with Ken, Alan, Christy and Maggie, on a trout stream aside a five bedroom lodge that Ken owns.
See we train good boys the arts of fishing and shooting, along with responsibility and leadership in a setting you would love to be in.
We will use those weeks to work on camp jobs so any older veterans that want to help can at a fee. Call Ken at 240-447-2206
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