Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending Easter 2024

Penrod’s Fishing Reports

Captain Ken Penrod; Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Brian Barnes; Zak Marinkov
Ken Enshrined into National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame-Legendary Guide.
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Fishing Report for Week Ending March 31 2024-Easter
Ken Penrod 20-Inch Smallmouth Club
For Clients catching a smallmouth of 20 inches & up or 5 Pounds and more.
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Jaden (20.50”)
Captain Dave Kerrigan (2)
Ken Penrod (2)
Ken Penrod Potomac River Largemouth Club
For clients catching a Potomac bass 18 inches and longer
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LOU Fish of the Week
Jaden (20.50”) Smallmouth
HOT HOT: Lures of the Week
Smallmouth bass are eating a lot of stuff but NOTHING beats 3.5” tubes of green pumpkin with purple tails. Buy them that way or get a jar of Spike It and dip the tails.
Drop Shot—with a tube as weight and a small Case Baby Pintail on a small hook 0ne-foot above.
Big Mouth Penrod spinnerbait or Big Mouth Big Shakey vibrating jig.
Case Magic Swim on a 3/16 ounce swim-Jig head.
Susquehanna & Juniata Rivers, PA: **1/2; 45 ish; clear; falling; 5.27 at Harrisburg with a bump to 6-feet by Wednesday. On the Juniata at Newport it’s 4.5 feet BUT expect a jump to 9-1by Wednesday.
A wicked week of wind, cold and a little rain where Simms clothing and hot Toes came in handy. Too many of you dress for the expected high temperature without regard to wind velocity. Remember to DEDUCT one degree for every MPH of wind.
Well, A-Team did spawn and that accounts for the rather slow-bite week we encountered. By week’s end new groups began gathering. We are finesse fishermen for the most part thus our Ardent spinning rods recommendations teamed with 8 # green mono.
Tubes on Purple Tail, Penrod, KP Rose and KP V8 were the real deal most of the time and you had to be very ticklish with presentation. Slow down.
I’ve never seen better looking smallmouth bass in my life.
Dave Kerrigan sends his Susky report for week ending March 31 – The good, the bad, and the ugly!
The good – river levels are stable and the fish have moved up onto the mid main river cover that is found up and down the section between Halifax and Riverfront Campground. The bad – cold nights (and days) were holding water temps in the low 40’s. The ugly – super clear skies and wind made the fishing super tough some of the days.
We caught fish just about everywhere we tried but not every day. Mornings in the middle of the week were ultra slow! By midday action would pick up and fish would crunch down on those Campground Special tubes! This week the purple tail was good but so was the Penrod Special (with a green Spike It tail dip). Beavers fished down current worked well as did those suspending jerkbaits. We caught fish that have spawned, some still fat and ready to go any day, and many that are just building up for the next full moon. Long range forecast thankfully has some warmer weather on the horizon. Also – looks like we get some rain the beginning of next week which will be good. If you’re in the area be sure to swing in to Riverfront and pick up some tubes and jig heads – the shelves are well stocked!
TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER; **1/2; clearish; 50s
Bass are still in pre spawn mode and confused by the weather are you. It’s been pretty normal to find bass in shallows one day and then on drop offs then next. You will want a tube; a crankbait and a vibrating jig


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