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Fishing Report for Week Ending October 27, 2019

LOU Fishing Report for Week Ending 102719.

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NOTES: This will be our last “regularly” scheduled report but we will post “Hot-Spots” from time to time as well as industry and related news. This doesn’t mean that we are done—to the contrary, because there is plenty of the best ahead. Don’t forget to book your spring Susquehanna trips asap because we sell-out quite early. The same goes for the tidal Potomac.

Bass Boat for Sale: Brother Bill Penrod passed away this week and his boat is for sale. Serious inquires to Ken Penrod at 240-447-2206 or

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UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: *; <50; clear; 1.8 at the Point of Rocks gauge.

Bass “catching” has improved some since the water has cooled and recreational traffic has subsided. Don’t’ forget the warm water influence downstream of Dickerson where MD side water temps are a few degrees above ambient—all the way to Edwards Ferry.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: **; <50; 4.5 at the Harrisburg gauge rising to 5.6 by Wednesday; 4.2 at Newport on the Juniata rising to 5.1 by Tuesday.

It’s not like years past but its STILL the best smallmouth river in the region-by far. The rise will help and the “chilling” has helped already. It’s still good topwater action but jerkbaits and Campground tubes outshine all. The Amity drift to the Confluence is pretty productive and Montgomery Ferry to Sherman Creek is better.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: ***; 60ish; much floating grass

Captain Kenny Penrod III (240-478-9055) provided the following tidal Potomac report – Last week we had beautiful weather, calm winds and morning outgoing tides. My Big Bee Rockproof was not limited and I fished from DC to South of Quantico. The water temperatures on the main river are still hovering around 60. The smaller stripers (with occasional keeper 19”) are schooling and chasing bait as are the crappie (btw- there is a limit of 15). The bass fishing was a little disappointing but I didn’t give them my full attention because of the excellent crappie fishing. I did catch some bass on Friday from hard cover channel turns using dropshots. I continue to look for schools of largemouth but the traditional spots have not produced for me. Those big bass have got to be somewhere but it’s difficult to find the energy to make a million casts and trust that you will be in the right spot at the right half hour to catch 5 bass when I can catch other fish with little effort. My guiding season is closing and it’s time to repair boats, fix equipment and use my time on the water to prepare for next spring. It’s a great time to use your Lowrance units to mark drops, wood, and drains. Look for north winds and go out to find stuff because those winds will result in lower tides and make the invisible- visible. Remember that those pads and grass edges won’t be visible in the early spring so it’s a good idea to mark tracks and routes to not only locate fish but so you don’t beach your boat. This year I guarantee I spent more time on the water than most anybody and the one thing I learned is that most everyone fish the exact same way in the exact same spots. I have come to appreciate the attention to detail that is required to fish a water that has primarily become a pressured tournament water (primarily because there is nowhere else to go). The attention to detail might encompass casting (skipping a bait under pad edges), or multiple casts to different spots on a log (they will it in a specific spot and strike zone is very small), downsizing or finesse ( 2” Campground Tube, weightless Or wacky Magic Stik). I always laugh when a “tournament” guy messages me and asks if I try chatterbaits. Of course I try chatterbaits and swim jigs blah blah blah. The Bigmouth Big Shakey is the best Chatterbait on the market and I use it a lot because it catches bass. It catches them on the Potomac, on the Susquehanna, on Lake Toho – it catches them everywhere. However, I’m a fishing guide who takes relatively inexperienced fishermen out to catch fish so I work to find specific spots with accessible fish so if I’m power fishing then I may have not done my homework or I’m in trouble because my spots didn’t produce. When I’m fishing by myself – that Big Shakey is used to find them and then the Magic Stik is used to establish if I’m on the spot that will be a guiding spot. I look for details because if I don’t then I’m like everybody else – put the trolling motor down and cast to grass (which works). I just try to be more efficient – so if I don’t move from a spot (there’s a reason) or if I’m not taking a guy that’s fishing in a club or tournament (there’s a reason) or I’m not fishing docks or under trees or punching (there’s a reason). In guiding – simple is good.


In DC – I fished rocks, points, bridges, coves, wood and docks with limited success. I still do Not see bait against the banks so perhaps the water temp isn’t right. The crappie were in the Spoils, mouth of oxen creek, and Fox Ferry.

South – I fished for crappie and striped bass. The crappie were caught in lay downs on channel turns using a 2” chartreuse grubs. The schoolie stripers were utilizing points and I caught them on Johnny Cunningham’s White/silver swimbaits. The bass should be hitting and I expect that I catch them this coming week if I can force myself to fish for them considering the excellent Striper/crappie fishing. I will concentrate on hard stuff but pad edges as well as remaining grass edges will be explored. On Friday – I found bass on hard cover but they were not chasing moving Lures (for me).

I’m going to the Susquehanna on Tuesday. I wonder if they ever found the alkaline issue near the confluence? There was definitely an issue before PA disclosed the issue because the Fishing told you.


I’m still fishing and available if you would like to take a trip before you can only wish you were fishing.


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