Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending October 4, 2020 Harvest Moon

LOU Fishing Report for Week Ending 10420
October Harvest Moon-The First One
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Lou Fish of the Week, Largemouth: Tim Roach
LOU Potomac River Largemouth Bass Club
Tim Roach
LOU Fish of the Week, Toothy Critter: Brtian Barnes
LOU Potomac River F&F Club
(Must Catch smallmouth; largemouth; Rockfish; catfish & sea gull)
KP & Gay George
UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: *; clear; 60s; 1.6 falling to 1.1 at Point of Rocks on Thursday.
Yikes—it’s low and bumpy. The river is all but abandoned of traffic, even on weekends, so now is the time to work on your skills. Choose your launch carefully and don’t be a Beltway Fast Lane idiot. Whites Ferry, Edwards Ferry, Lander and Brunswick are good choices. There are bass to catch but the numbers are really low so your old techniques of random-casting is silly.
A good spinning rod (Ardent Edge MFT) and 2000-2500 series reel (Ardent C-Force) spooled with Bass Pro Shops Excel mono (green) is one of the keys to success. The Campground Special tubes in the KP Series attached to 1/8th ounce RAB jighead is your go-to. Neds, Case Magic Stiks, grubs, Case Magic Swims and Big Mouth spinnerbaits are all you need-BUT, at least try a Whopper Plopper in the morning.
You can see everything, so work the ledges and holes where chunk rocks litter the bottom. I’d stay off shore until there is a mid-day shadow on a shore.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; <70; clear; lots of surface grass I covered quite a bit of the river this week & my best day would be call “fair” for bass but “good” for schooling rockfish and “average” for snakeheads. DC was/is stingy but rip rap below the Anacostia confluence and along the airport improves every day. This entire sector is grassless so work the hard cover and drop-offs with tubes, Case Stiks; &A Firetiger crankbait; Big Mouth Lure Company spinnerbaits & vibrating jigs. The WW Bridge sector was our best this week and willing rockfish made that happen. Penrod Cove begins to show signs of-old and the concrete I had placed there is the key. The Case Magic Swim on an RAB Swim jighead (3/26) was top-offering but take the shirt off of a Big Shakey and add a Case Magic Swim. Good things happen. In Smoot Bay, do the same and look for sea gulls to pinpoint the rockfish. We had two snakeheads there this week Mattawoman is “kickin’-in” and vegetation is dying so stay with hard cover in the AM but find the remaining grass and spatyterdock when the sun jump-starts them. Good snakehead fishing in Pomonkey; A few bass in Pohick (wood). Some bass in Belmont bay and bridge foundations of the Occoquan. SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA Rivers: **; clear; <60; 3.1 at Harrisburg and 3.3 at Newport on the Juniata. It’s still very low so choose you launch site carefully. You don’t have to run a bunch. These smallmouth know tough-times are coming so they eat more than ever. Just about all popular offering will work but forget the experimenting and stay with Campground tubes, Mizmo grubs, Case plastic swim baits (Magic Swim) and you must try topwater offerings in the AM or any cloudy day. Remember, Johnny Cunningham of Riverfront Campground will shuttle you up river for “drifs” back to camp. ## LOU Guides for 2020 Captain Ken Penrod: (National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame) Cell: 240-447-2206;; Facebook; LinkedIn; Instagram, Twitter @ken_penrod. Tidal Potomac; Upper Potomac; Susquehanna River; Juniata River; Maryland Eastern Shore Tidal Rivers; George Stevenson Reservoir and trout streams in Cameron County, PA-near Sinnamahoning.. Captain Dave Kerrigan, VP of Smallmouth Operations @ 301-252-5322; Captain Brian Barnes @ 302-745-4668, ## Meet My/Our Partners. The following are our sponsors and partners. Some are all encompassing within my group—and some are personal to the guide. All are valued. RiverPro; Mercury; Lowrance Electronics; Ardent Outdoors; Big Mouth Lure Company; Yeti; Patagonia; Case Plastics; Kuiu; Simms Fishing; Costa; Power Pole; NRA; Zipper Worms; RAB Jig Heads; Campground Tubes; Riverfront Campground; AlumaRyder; (Dave Kerrigan); Guidefitters; NRA; Maggie Penrod.