Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending April 25, 2021

LOU Fishing Report for Week Ending 42521
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SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: **; mid 50s; clear, LOW, 4.6 steady at Harrisburg. On the Juniata it’s 4.5 and holding.
A windy, rather cold, low-water week with disappointing results although the bass we are catching may be the “best-shape” in recent history. Wind was our enemy again and with the river at this level, a wind-swept surface makes safe navigation sketchy.
Campground tubes, Case Magic Swims, Big Mouth Shakeys and Ken Stiks round out the lures we have confidence in. I;m using 6-pound test now on Ardent rods and reels.
Friday will be my last day as I head back to the Potomac on Saturday.
Capt Dave Kerrigan reports another week of mixed reviews for fishing on the Susky. Cooler temps (in the 30’s overnight for three nights) dropped water temps a good 10 degrees last week. Thanks to Simms Fishing Products for the great outerwear they make that we so enjoy wearing. Those cold mornings were easy to manage in the insulated bibs and jackets!! Very comfortable and angler friendly! As fish prepare to spawn (full moon by Tuesday) we do see some gathering up beginning in those typical areas. You will know them by the fleet of boats “parked” there. We did some long range searching both in the Junita and the Susky and did find some fish here and there that were willing to bite. The suspending jerkbaits were effective out in the current along eddys and tubes continued to be the good to in the slow spots. Low river levels and flow rates now have the grass bowls in play. The forecast for the coming week promises some really warm temps so get those Big Mouth spinnerbaits and big shakeys back out – the river should jump back up those lost degrees by the end of the week!!

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: ***; low 60s; quite clear
There will be a robust spawn this week as conditions are right and the full moon always triggers egg-laying in water temps of between 60-70 degrees.
In the DC area, Look to Pentagon Lagoon, Washington Channel, and rip rap along the airport and Naval facilities. Campground tubes, Penrod spinnerbait and Case Magic Stik are as good as it gets for these willing fish.
The WW Bridge vicinity is teeming with bass especially in Penrod Cove, Smoot Bay, Broad Creek and Belle Haven Coves
Piscataway, mouth of Pomonkey and Pohick Bay offer consistent action and of course, Mattawoman, Chickamuxen, Occoquan and Aquia are worth the time.
New grass growths, emerging spatterdock, rock piles and wet-wood are the obvious attractions—but look to the drop-offs nearest the flats for staging mommas.
Those Case Magic Stiks in KP-Stick and green pumpkin/gold are my go-tos this time of year as far as finesse fishing is concerned. This is a “patient-presentation” and I’m using Aedent spinning tackle with Bas Pro Excel monofilament.
The Texas approach is a 3/0 worm hook with no weight. The Wacky Rig is about the O-Wacky Tool by Case Plastics that allows a rubber ring fixed firmly to the sex spot on the Stik and I like a #1 circle hook under the ring.
We have some May-days available so get on the phone and book your trip at 240-447-2206.
UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: *1/2; 60s. Clear-perfect and 3.1 at the Point of Rocks gauge jumping to 4-0 by Monday.
You cant ask for better conditions. The levels will promote shoreline eddies and current breaks for fat bass in Spwn-Mode where Case Magic Stiks, Campground Tubes and Stik-Rigs do the job.
It’s not like the “Good Ol’ Days” but it’s better than last year. I like the Brunswick, Lander, Whites Ferry and Edwards Ferry sectors.

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