Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending March 17, 2024

Captain Ken Penrod; Captain Dave Kerrigan; Captain Brian Barnes; Zak Marinkov
Ken Enshrined into National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame-Legendary Guide.
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Fishing Report for Week Ending March 17, 2024
Ken Penrod 20-Inch Smallmouth Club
For Clients catching a smallmouth of 20 inches & up or 5 Pounds and more.
Sponsored by Ardent Outdoors and Riverfront Campground
Jason George (smallmouth @ 20 &1/8th
Ken Penrod (20.25”)
LOU Potomac River Largemouth Club
For clients catching a Potomac bass 18 inches and longer
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LOU Fish of the Week
Jason George (20 1/8 th smallmoith)
HOT HOT: Lures of the Week
.Smallmouth on the Susquehanna are eating anything—but Campground tubes cannot be beat right now. Case Magic Swim on Campground swim jigs are super and hard jerk baits too.

Susquehanna & Juniata Rivers:****; 50ish water; some color; 7 foot on both rivers but falling quickly.
Our 2024 season began on Wednesday as I arrived at Riverfront Campground greeted by Johnny Cunningham and new owner Tractor Herbert. No worries folks because Tractor is one of us. The camp store is full of tubes and all sort of camping supplies. Fishing license application slow to consummate but coming along.
This was the perfect week as spring-like temperatures have the bass is strong pre-spawn mode and eating everything. A strong cold front is coming in, so next (this) week will be windy and cold and less productive. Dress for the expected low temperature and get some of those Simms outfits. Remember, wind mph is a deduct from air temps at one degree per MPH.
I’ve never seen healthier or thicker smallmouth in my entire career. The vast majority are three pounds or more (17-19 inches long but fat as footballs).
Both rivers are fishing the same with bass in eddies and current.
I’m using and recommending Ardent spinning rods and reels with 8 pound test mono.
Tip: slow down. While fishing –and within 100 feet of any shoreline. One of these is my rule and the other is that policeman with his blue light flashing.
Did you know that a guide is responsible for his guests having a fishing license. I guess we are Deputies now.

Captain Dave Kerrrigan (301-252-5322) Reports:
After the river spiked and came back down last week, we were able to find HUNGRY fish in all our favorite places. Time spent between Riverfront Campground and Montgomery Ferry was rewarded with good numbers of fat healthy bass. East bank eddys were still muddy but holding fish – west bank eddys were cleaner and also held fish. Even the islands were productive with fish caught at the tips and along the sides. With water temps near fifty the fish were in the current with those fast to slow transition spots the best. Calm water pockets were not as productive as the moving water for sure. While this probably sounds like a broken record the best bait by far was the Campground Special teaser size tube in the green pumpkin purple tail color. We caught fish on other baits, but the tube was king! If you do not throw these everywhere you stop, you are missing some bites! Remember with higher flows or windy days to go up a size with your jig heads – I like the RAB 3/16 oz. Speaking of Riverfront Campground – there is a new owner this year but it’s still the same great place. The camp store is stocked with tackle and accessories and the new management is working hard to get improvements completed and ready for the camping season!!
Zak Marinkov (717-507-5053) Bass are still against the banks on the main river. Bass are hungry and pushing towards traditional spawning sites. We even caught some on crankbaits and chatterbaits. I still have a few dates available for spring—and don’t forget, I do trips all summer long. I’m loving my Simms clothing and those Ardent rods.

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