Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending June 5, 2022

Fishing Report For Week Ending June 5, 2022
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Thinkin’ Outloud: I rarely have time to watch television but when I do it’s ether INSP (except for Camp Meeting) or the Western Channel I do appreciate some of the fishing shows but some I just can’t stand. Let me grade a few for you.
• Best Camera Work: In search of Monster Bass with Ott Defoe
• Worst Fishing Shows: Fishing University
• Best Fishing Shows: Major League Fishing
Wanna be a guide, or Remain a Guide?
I’ve been a full time guide since 1982 with license in MD, VA, PA and the US Coast Guard. Do you know that if you take money or Value from a person in your boat, in navigable water in the USA, you must have a US Coast Guard Captain’s License? All tidal water in MD, VA, De, DC, VA, ANYWHERE, is “navigable” in the USCG’s book.
Now, becoming a “Captain” is an arduous job in itself. You must pass a test, a very detailed, complicated and boring test. You best take a course, perhaps a $1000 and you will need a drug test ($200-$300); a physical exam ($200-$500). You must certify a required amount of time on the waters. You will pay a fee. The license is good for 5-years.
I just renewed mine. My fifth.
I presented a flawless application on March 10, 2022.
It was accepted on March 16, 2022.
It was approved for issue on May 7.
I received it on May 31—Two and one half months.
Total bullshit. USCG subbed-it-out so low-bidder showed why.
Just another Biden Administration halo.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: ** to ***; 70s; clear with some stains some places;
Localized storms and post sawn behavior has many of the anglers confused and discouraged but guys—it happens every year. Find clean grass, spatterdock edges, hard cover and drop-offs—and work those areas slowly. If you aren’t seeing “signs of life,” birds of prey and surface activity—go somewhere else.
The District of Columbia sector becomes a favorite of mine for summer due to abundance of MAN-MADE COVER, DEEP SANCTURY NEAR SHALLOWS AND SHOALS and lack of fishing pressure—especially from tournaments plus reliable smallmouth bass.
Spend a day above Key Bridge but be careful. It’s a different world out of sight of Capital noise and mid-day rec-boaters. Treat it like a smallmouth river but expect largemouth stripers and even a walleye once in a while. It’s all no wake so behave.
I’ll do spinning tackle 90% of the time with Campground tubes ND Case Magic Stiks as my workhorses. Don’t neglect topwater opportunities though and a buzzbait, Whopper Plopper or a Spook can make you smile. I’ll cast, in search-mode, Case Magic Swims, Blue/silver rattling lure and some DT-6 or Bandit cranks. When working well, you can catch fish all the way to Little Falls.
There’s so much to fish in DC proper including bridge foundations, sea walls, rip rap and the Washington Channel. I can spend an entire day in the WC without fishing it all.
The Woodrow Wilson Bridge Sector is my favorite much of the season. There is no sector with more cover, especially man made including a gravel-pit cove knows as The Spoils or Penrod Cove. I am responsible for the idea and placement of some 9,000,000 pounds of concrete slab here. The WW Bridge renovation contractor, Cianbro Corporation, was sawing huge slabs of the bridge off of the bridge during the night and had to dispose of it during the day. It was slated to be shipped to the Bay but that subcontractor went belly-up. As a contractor myself then, I learned of the dilemma and took my ideas to Cianbro, MD Government and the owner of the gravel pit. They bought into my plan and the rest is history. Perhaps the largest fish habitat project ever. I was named Bass Federation Man of the Year and received national Conservation Award, in part, for that project. Wonder why some resist. Why is some idiot secured left-wing “arm on suitcase” objects on my/our fish habitat? I suppose those ding-a-lings will disappear soon.
Anyway, that concrete is a steady producer of quality largemouth bass all year—but you must be meticulous. Fish it fast and waste your time. It’s perfect for drop-shot, Campground tubes, Big Mouth Jigs and Zipper Grubs. The entire cove is a “10.”
Old abandoned gravel barges, piers, bridge foundations (old and new) and Snoot Bay are solid producers but I can’t be specific (too fragile.)
There’s no grass, yet, in the upper tidal-fresh sector but Greenway Flats and Pomonkey Creek is and will provide happy faces. Nothing beats the Magic Stik and Big Shaky here. You are too close to Pohick Bay to avoid it.
I’m as confused about the position of MD DNR and USFWL as it pertains to norther snakeheads as you are. They waffle a lot but that’s no surprise. One day it’s kill all and the next it’s well, maybe just release them. MD and VA are at odds about everything and they differ on “what-to-do.” Take a gander at the latest:

Catch for cash: Maryland offers gift cards to fisherman who catch northern snakeheads
By Lauren Silver, Cox Media Group National Content Desk, 2 days ago
BAIMORE — Fishermen in Maryland have the opportunity to cash in if they net an invasive species, as a new program by the government is offering up to $200 for each northern snakehead caught.
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has partnered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to place blue or yellow tags on up to 500 northern snakeheads, the agency announced in a news release. Each tagged snake head caught and harvested until 2024 could earn the person who caught it a gift card of $10 or $200, depending on the tag.
The northern snakehead is native to Eastern Asia but was first discovered as an established population in 2002 in Maryland, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Invasive Species Information Center. The fish began breeding after they were released from fish markets and pose a risk to other animals because they prey on and compete with native species.
“By measuring the amount of northern snakehead harvested, the agencies will learn if population benchmarks are being reached and help control the spread of the species,” the Maryland Department of Natural Resources said in a statement.
“We love catching them, chasing them, pursuing them,” Chris Walker, a fisherman, told WJZ-TV. “A bigger one … that bigger one is always out there. There’s a lot of money to be made.”
The SOUTHERN sector, Pomonkey to Aquia is all about submersed vegetation—but not really. In Mattawoman and Chicamuxen, we fish the spatterdock where schools of fry attract hungry bass and snakes. By the way—have you noticed the LACK of killifish, the staple for largemouth bass diet? The lack is scary and don’t kid yourself—it’s all about the snakeheads. By the way, it’s not just the snakes—the blue catfish are doing as much or more damage. Kill ‘em guys. Big Mouth spinnerbaits (the Penrod and Sweetheart) are spatterdock pirates so get some and use them. In areas where vegetation takes the “edge” away from the spatterdock field—use the Case Magic Stik on a 3/0 hook-no weight.
UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **; mid to high 70s; algae grown beginning; clear; low; 2.5 and steady at Point of Rocks.
Its wade, float or pucker-up time if you are under power in the free flowing sectors. The spawn is pretty much over, the water is really warm and the upstream neighbors are sending the ingredients for ugly algae blooms-again—but don’t worry, you that drink that water, because it’s filtered pretty well, they say.
There is improved chances for smallmouth bass but not because our state natural resource managers did anything.
I like the Piedmont area most of all and to that end, try launch access at Seneca, Edwards Ferry, Whites Ferry, Point of Rocks, Lander and Brunswick.
It’s summer patterns folks so grubs by Mizmo, tubes by Johnny Cunningham at Riverfront Campground (717-877-2704), surface lures by Whopper Plopper and Obie Hard-Hooks and spinnerbaits by Big Mouth Lure Company. Our guide service popularized cold water fishing here but we also made the spinnerbait, low water thrill, a reality. Butch Ward used to carry-around, totally destroyed spinnerbaits, to show friends and potential clients that Susquehanna smallmouth destroyed them.
SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS NEAR DUNCANNON, PA: ** to ***; 70s; clear with usual New York stain on east side; butt-hurt low; 4-feet at Harrisburg-steady; 4-feet at Newport on the Juniata.
If you read my upper Potomac Report, I will repeat myself, but: It was my company that popularized the cold water fishing on this river sector—as well as the summer, low water, spinnerbait bite—thanks to Butch Ward. You can see reports by others hat call themselves “legends” but I have that credential from the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and Butch Ward is an undisputed legend. Now, that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee—or a no-cost boat, rods, lures, electronics, discounted vehicles and secured vocations for 40 years.
I have always been so happy to have made the decision to be an expert on several waters—not one. Over the 40 years of my guiding career, that decision has been golden. I was a pretty talented building contractor before that, which taught me the business side of making a living. See, you can’t be a full time anything unless you can pay the bills.
You can still motor around in areas but if you are new to jet boating, and you believe they are rock proof, you are in for an expensive comeuppance.
Get out early and get off early.
Johnny Cunningham is shuttling your boat or his for productive floats on the River above Duncannon or the Juniata. His boats—his rules. Plan to get out and help the boat in areas.
It’s spinning rods, such as Ardent medium action with Ardent reels with 6-8 pound test monofilament. Cast tubes or Case Magic Stiks to current edges but I’m never going fishing without an Ardent rod dedicated to a Campground tubes on an RAB jig head. I also strongly suggest that you get some Big Mouth Lure Company spinnerbaits—but cast on Monofilament of 10-12 pound test.
Sorry folks and friends but due to Biden’s submarining of the economy, Camp Sycamore has decided to “pause” this year. Sadly, after nearly 40-years, this wonderful opportunity to be “one-with-nature” and two, with Ken, Alan, Christy and Maggie, on a trout stream aside a five bedroom lodge that Ken owns.
See we train good boys the arts of fishing and shooting, along with responsibility and leadership in a setting you would love to be in.
We will use those weeks to work on camp jobs so any older veterans that want to help can at a fee. Call Ken at 240-447-2206
LOU Guides for 2021
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