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Week Ending June 12, 2022

Fishing Report for Week Ending June 5, 2022
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Tidal Potomac River: **1/2; 80ish; clear with algae and cotton balls; rather deserted.
Did you know that the Potomac River main stem, was entirely owned by Maryland until 1791 when they transferred 67 square miles to the new Capital of the USA. Not until 1983 did that portion of the Potomac River have a fisheries management plan—and you may thank me for that. I lobbied congressmen and major conservation players for such a plan and urged that it simply follow Maryland’s lead. We got it done.
Maryland DNR upper echelon, in the late 70s and early 80s, kept stating that largemouth bass cannot multiply in the tidal portion due to pollution and genetics. I actually escorted two DNR biologists to waters in the Bolling Air Force Base to show them largemouth bass on beds and fry swimming about in pods.
Now, this river has come a long way over the years but it’s still polluted and there are advisories against eating certain fish. The overall bass population growth is a result of the catch & release practices of 95 percent of the users—not the resource managers. Excluding DOC, the tidal Potomac has three management overseers: main stem by Potomac River Fisheries Commission (way past the time to be eliminated); Maryland tributaries and coves are ruled by Maryland Department of Natural Resources (very poor, money eager, open border, tournament encouragers and Virginia, cares for tribs and coves in VA territory (the same VA that allowed Kerr Reservoir and Chickahominy River to collapse.) All three receive poor grades from this National Award winning conservationist.
I do miss the days of Secretary Torrey Brown and the Dr. Robert Bauchman era of Maryland Fisheries and just shake my head at the present management. There is not a single “plus” from the Dr. Joseph Love tidal efforts but he has managed to foster two successful invasive species explosions. BUT, then again, look at the rockfish crisis, blue crab over-harvest, oyster collapse and invasive fish invasions. There is enough poor management to include all of Fisheries and the Governor too. Gov. Hogan defends the Tidal Fisheries Committee that boasts a chairman that is a convicted natural resource felon too (involved in the black bass scandal of Mattawoman fish illegally caught and sold to out-of-state buyers.)
TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80ish; a little color in places; hydrilla about to dominate
In these days of one mile per gallon for high-strung outboard motors, it’s very wise to launch where you want to fish. 95 percent of my readers are not tournament anglers so are very flexible as to launch. Cost is now a consideration but wind will always be. To fish DC water, use the Gravely Point facility located off of George Washington Parkway near Reagan Airport. Foundations at Key, Memorial and Long Bridge (railroad) are holding all three bass. Firetiger crankbaits, Case swimbaits, Big Mouth vibrating jigs and those pesky Campground tubes are game changers.
There’s abundant rip rap along the military facilities and Regan airport on the opposite side. DT-4 or 6 crankbaits, the Case Magic Swim and KP spinnerbaits by Big Mouth. Oh, yeah, in the morning try those Whopper Ploppers too.
Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment plant is pumping cooler water than ambient so spend time here-the long dock and Fox Ferry Point. Wow!
Penrod Cove, Smoot Bay, South Point, Broad Creek and the Bellen Haven Coves are summertime haunts for hefty bass but snakeheads thrive here too. I recommend Belle Haven Marina as a launch site.
The 6-MPH” zone in Mattawoman (I recommend Slavin’s Launch, now called Mattingly Park) is a summertime favorite where buzzbaits Case Stiks and Big Mouth’s Big Shakey attract hefty bass and snakes—but always better during outgoing water. The “golf course” at Marsh Island is frog country but don’t use sissy gear.
UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; 80ish; color finally; 2.4 at Point of Rocks with a little bump by Wednesday.
2.4 is a low level—but not that bad as long as you are not in a hurry and understand what surface disturbances really mean. It’s wet-wade time and floats between launches too—just plan to get wet.
It’s time to respool to 6-pound test Excel monofilament in the green color and Bass Pro sells it. I’m an advocate of the Ardent brand of rods and reels and I always fill to within 1/8th inch of the spool edge. Be sure you wind line from a face, not the edge, and it should be coming off the spool counter-clockwise.
We specialize in the Piedmont sector, between Brunswick and Seneca. My philosophy for summer months is get on at dawn and off at noon—unless you are lucky enough to have a rainy day of good cloud cover.
You just have to try topwater in the low-light hours. My favorite offerings include Whopper Plopper, Obi Hard-Hook buzzbait, Spook and Rico.
Warm water is low oxygen content so search for bass in deeper water with current but near breaks.
Don’t drive your boat thru good areas and expect to catch fish. Keep a low profile and accuracy is critical.
Whites Ferry upstream; Edwards Ferry in either direction; Lander either way or Brunswick either way is solid.
Without doubt, have a rod with a Campground tube; another with a crawfish 2-3 crankbaits and another with a Case Magic Stik.
Use the sun screen guys and the Simms sun clothing.
Beware bacteria laden water on open wounds and wipe before you eat.
SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: **1/2; high 70s; clear with some algae color.
WOW, still enough water in both rivers to boat-about as long as you are prudent. It’s bath tub warm and that means plenty of bacteria so keep open wounds covered and that line out of your mouth.
Johnny Cunningham is delighting “floaters” from Riverfront Campground (717-877-2704) by shuttling them upriver in your boat or his for down current drifts of mileage you wish on either the Juniata (Oh, how that name gets crucified. It’s June-e-atta) or the Susqy.
The nice thing about the Susquehanna and Juniata sectors that we specialize in are the abundance of boat launching facilities. Most are compliments of PA Fish & Boat and no fee but my absolute favorite is at Riverfront Campground and if you can’t afford the few bucks he charges—you should stay home. His Camp Store has all the lures we use plus drinks and snacks—and he sells fishing license.
Big Mouth spinnerbaits and vibrating jigs (Big Shaky) on 12-14 pound test mono is my recommendation. I like the Ardent rods and reels but please no wimpy rods guys. Low oxygen water and long battles kill more bass than swallowed hooks.
You just “gotta” try those topwater lures in the early morning guys.
Sorry folks and friends but due to Biden’s submarining of the economy, Camp Sycamore has decided to “pause” this year. Sadly, after nearly 40-years, this wonderful opportunity to be “one-with-nature” and two, with Ken, Alan, Christy and Maggie, on a trout stream aside a five bedroom lodge that Ken owns.
See we train good boys the arts of fishing and shooting, along with responsibility and leadership in a setting you would love to be in.
We will use those weeks to work on camp jobs so any older veterans that want to help can at a fee. Call Ken at 240-447-2206
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