Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending October 2, 2022

Ken Penrod’s LOU Fishing Reports for 2022
September 25, 2022
Our 41sth Year!
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Week Ending September 18, 2022
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Susquehanna @ Harrisburg: 4 feet and steady, clear
Juniata @ Newport: 4 feet and steady. clear
Point of Rocks on Potomac: 1.8 rising to 2.4 by Wednesday, come color
Last week was all about “Ian” and the acronym mean “I am nothing,” which would be a hard sell to southwest Florida and much of the east coast. We here in the middle Atlantic got a “taste” but a small one when compared to 170 MPH wind, 20 inches of rain and 12-15 feet of surge—but it was enough to put the brakes on many fishing trips. The low barometric pressure which usually accompanies rain is always a “fish-turn-on” but winds mean stay home dummy. Did you know that if a USCG licensed Captain took paying customers out during small craft warning and an accident ensued—he would lose his license and his Insurance could refuse to pay. State licensed guides are not nearly so scrutinized but the insurance could use “negligence” as a reason to refuse coverage.
We, in our region, had some nasty wind and moderate to frequent rain but our impact was a walk in the park compared to North Carolina to Miami.
The ”big” fishing news for the week was about two walleye tournament anglers (Jake Runyon and Chase Cominsky)attempted to weigh-in five fish full of lead weights at a Lake Erie tournament. Needless to say—both are “toast” in the fishing world and may do jail time also.
We had some tournament cheating on the Potomac several years ago when an individual kept previously-caught bass in a trap and would retrieve them on tournament day. He also was accused of “stocking” a small tidal trib with bass for professional friends in a B.A.S.S event. He too has disappeared.
TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: * to ** (weather); clear with some stain from recent rain. <70 degrees. I NEVER go to a tidal river without obtaining tide and wind facts. It’s easy. Use your google machine and ask for “Tidal Info for ____” and use a good weather app for wind and directions. Now, weather accuracy, in our regions, is sketchy so I will double check in the morning too. A good Lowrance unit also has tidal predictions on the mapping page. Use my website too, A handy cell application is called “River Levels” and I use “Open Seas” and “FishWeather.” There wasn’t enough rain to really muddy-up this river so choose your spots accordingly. I have a few dates left for October. I’m going deer hunting in November/December. Ivan winds this week were brutal, from the North and Northeast and it’s pretty hard to find an area on the Potomac that isn’t affected. I do like Mattawoman for those winds however. I canceled all scheduled trips last week. UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **; a welcome “bump” in the level but only 6 inches. We really didn’t get enough from Ivan to flush this river so don’t get reckless. Wind over shallow water really makes route choice a gamble because your “read” is limited so I always have a low water route saved in my Lowrance mapping—but I’m still not blowing thru. I believe the best-of-the-year is ahead as water temps chill and pleasure boats disappear. Algae will die off and the clear water will look black so keep those Costa glasses on. Much of the food source has been eaten so bites will be more aggressive. Simple menu now: Case Magic Swims; Zipper Grubs; Campground tubes and shallow dive crankbaits. SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ** to **1/2; levels are steady; temps under 70. No help from Ivan but both rivers are holding at about 4-feet which is good for now if you are experienced and/or cautious. Too cold to wade but still fine for floats—just have a stout push pole aboard. These smallmouth are tough and they will eat spinnerbaits and topwater offerings for several more weeks. Tubes and jerk baits for sure. Legendary Butch Ward loved this time of year and on through deer season. Usually, he was the only boat on the river and in the parking lot. Look to Simms for really good outer wear Mucks with toe warmers. Captain Dave Kerrigan and I will return to Duncannon mid-March and guide thru May so don’t wait too long to reserve your dates. Last year’s clients get first refusal on days they had last year. <>
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