Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending March 19, 2023

Ken Penrod’s Fishing Reports

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Fishing Report for Week Ending March 19, 2023
LOU Fish of the Week
Smallmouth Lady Category: Amy
Smallmouth Category: TIE
Leo Romano
Michael Day

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HOT HOT HOT: Lures of the Week
Campground Tubes in KP Purple Tail; KP Rose & KP Badass
Case Magic Swim

Susquehanna & Juniata Rivers: **; 39-42 water temp; very clear; 5 feet on the river; 4.5 feet in the June. A little rise coming on main stem.
Our season began on Thursday March 16 with father and son, Lucian and Leo Romano and the weather and river were beautiful. Water temp was 39 degrees and so was the air but by happy hour—the air was 60 with no wind. There’s no such thing as a typical March day because you will see-it-all that month.
We tied Campground Tubes in Badass and KP Purple tail with 1.8th oz RAB jig heads to 8# Excel monofilament on Ardent rods and reels and worked areas in the Juniata River where moving water sided with calm-spots and stayed with that program all day with occasional jerk bait trials.
Friday was absolutely beautiful and Father/son David and Garrett Colvin’s turn. It was pretty crowded in our areas so we staked-out several areas where Campground Tubes (are you listening) were, once again, the “flavor: the smallmouth wanted. Saw the first goose of the year and maybe an eagle.
You really have to “slow-down” when tubing and I mean SLOW. Stay on the bottom-move the bait 3-4 inches with the rod tip—then let it rest several seconds.
Saturday and Sunday with Amy & Michael were BRUTAL, Never saw another boat on Sunday and we quit early. Michael has been fishing here with me about 14 years and has a knack for hooking big fish. Amy is a classy lady and tough as nails’ last year she scored THREE “Ken Penrod 20-Inch Smallmouth Club medallions and she was Fish of the Week in the lady category. Michael tied with Leo (18,5”) for Fish of the Week.
I preach about preparation all the time yet I’m misunderstood a bunch. DO NOT look for the high temperature prediction in your trips. Focus in on the LOW temp. Remember too that wind velocity is a deduct. Every mph is a temp deduct of one degree. If the boat ride is 30-mph, that’s the same as wind—another 30 degree loss.
I recommend Simms clothing, My Coal Handwarmers/toewarmers and Buffs or hoodies. My Friday, the 24th, Just became available so reach me at 240-447-2206.
TIDAL Potomac River: ***; some color; 45-50 degrees; clear in areas—stained in others.
Yep, the cherry blossoms are blooming but so are many other trees and flowers in the region. You know that we didn’t have a winter.
I never look at a calendar to understand watery inhabitants- they have no calendar. There menue and behavioral preferences are based on water temperature and sunlight—and moon light. Ive seen Potomac bass spawn as early as March and as late as June. These bass aren’t/t spawning but they are in Pre-Spawn for sure, from DC to Aquia.
You need Big Mouth Big Shakey; Big Mouth Penrod Spinnerbait; Campground Tubes; Zipper Worms and Case Magic Swims. Did I mention lipless crankbaits? If you can’t find any Sugar Shads, use the Rat-L-Trap or Rapala. I’m using Ardent baitcasting gear for all but the tubes and I like Excel 12-15 pound test.
Bass are and will be, in shallows near drops by mid-day so works a little deeper until the sun does the thing.
I’m liking Pernod Cove and Smoot Bay; Belle Haven Coves; Piscataway Creek gravel pits; Belmont Bay; all of Mattawoman and Aquia Creek bays near the mouth.
UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: back on my schedule for 2023. Much improved, no thankls to MD or VA.

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