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Week Ending Sept 6, 2020-Posted 9/9/20

LOU Fishing Report for Week Ending 9620

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You can feel it–and the fish can too. Loss of daylight and loss of water temperature is the only calendar aquatic critters have. Both are biologic triggers that signal an urgency-and urgency that hints of not-so-good tines approach. Vegetation begins a die-off, most of the yoy (young of the year) abundance is minimal now and soon creeks become more important for hunting food—for a while. Water quality improves—but only the oxygen levels. Surfaces become cluttered with dead and dying vegetables of many sources—and fish school-up more, not because of weather, but because of food sources and LACK of habitat. Monitor the water temperature every day. When the low 70s and into the 60s are the norm, it’s time for you to alter your attack.

I spent a lot of time this week in the upper Susquehanna basin (West Branch) and I have never in my vast time there—seen the trout streams an Sinnamahoning Branch so low. That may not mean much to most of you but that ecoli ridden water is headed to the Bay—and that’s just more trouble.
UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: *; mid-70s; 2.4 at Point of Rocks falling to 2-feet by Wed’ clear. Algae/bacteria alert.
Bumpy-low but doable in areas. Remember, MD Early Goose Season is “in” and geese are scarce.
It’s a tough-fish-here this year and the absence of anglers is verification. Still, IF you concentrate on where-bass-should-be, rather that drift and random-cast, a day here can still be rewarding. Food is scarce, and “ambush” is the bass-game so tubes, shallow cranks, Case Stiks and small Case Swim Baits are the lures I recommend—but always test the Whopper Plopper bite. The ledges, shad-shore and chunk rock are home to predator and the groceries they seek.
Longtime client reports a few bass caught in the Brunswick area on tubes.
I specialize in the areas between Brunswick and Seneca so use my advice in areas upstream too.
Our “Cast & Blast” trips will become more productive soon and the water cools and the tubers stay home.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: Montgomery Ferry to Harrisburg; **; nearing 60; clear but some stains on east shore; 3.2 at the Harrisburg station; 3.6 at Newport on the Juniata; bacteria warning.
Pretty much the same story in the Montgomery Ferry to Rockville Bridge vicinity. Numbers are down but worth the time because THER IS NO BETTER smallmouth river in the entire Chesapeake drainage.
Cover water but cover habitat-rich areas (ledges, deeper spots and mid-river island current breaks) with search lures such as Big Mouth spinnerbaits (Riverfront Campground has them), Case Magic Swims on RAB swim bait jig heads; Whopper Ploppers and jerk baits. Slow down with Campground tubes in chunk-rocks areas.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 70s; clear; some debris in upper tidal sectors.
The river will be crowded all week due to a large tournament out of Smallwood State Park. Bass fishing is best described as “tough.” One of the better known pros I met in DC Tuesday predicts that 12-13 pounds per day could win the tournament.
Washington DC waters were very stingy this week but Penrod Cove, Smoot Bay, Hog Island and Swan Creek rip rap was a little better.
Waters to the south were thick-with-anglers so we stayed away.
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