Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report For Week Ending October 22, 2017


Smallmouth: Scott Smith, Susquehanna, with Jason Shay

Largemouth: Carla, Potomac, with KP3

Largemouth: Guide Honorable Mention, Potomac, 21”, KP3

KP-UA, 20-Inch Smallmouth Club: Scott Smith
(Sponsored by Under Amour, Ardent & Riverfront Campground)

KP-LO-Po Potomac Largemouth Club: KP3 (4), Carla
(Sponsored by Lowrance Electronics and Ardent Outdoors)

NOTES: LOU will soon address a new website, not new as if we changed business ideals—but a new-look, an easy navigation, interactive communication and our same “Brent Nelson” clarity to grow you and I in this ever-changing media revolution. See, there are no more outdoor writers! Every major newspaper had one, and wow—we had some great ones. Remember Lefty Kreh and Bill Burton from the Baltimore Sun? Loved those guys. Bill actually joined me and my guides on the Potomac when we escorted President Bush. Lefty taught me so much about photography and writing. He is every anglers mentor. I’d like one more cast with that master. Then there was Charlie Coates, publisher of “The Fishing Line.” Oh my God, the work he had to get me lingual.

We are major users of Facebook and Instagram—and avoid that media if you will—but it’s here to stay and it’s instant and clear. I have several pages on FB, all of which are listed on the first page of this report. Next year will be the 36th year of Ken Penrod’s Mid Atlantic Fishing Report. We begin the report mid-March and stop the end of October. That’s 33 weeks per year—telling you where, when, why and with what. Do you know anyone else that compare?

Our last scheduled report will be week ending October 29—next week, but that doesn’t mean we have stopped fishing. Actually, you have some superior “game” ahead and our guides will be hard at it. This guy, however, is going hunting. I’m telling my guides that fish to post reports on the LOU Facebook Page.

It looks like we will attend the Great American Outdoor Show in February—providing fishing seminars that suite you—the anglers of the region. I’ll know soon, but I never score a buck until it’s on my game rack. John Stygler is no longer a guide for LOU so call me for scheduling. We part as friends I trust. Long time LOU guide, Dave Covell, rejoins us for the new season. Dave took a leave of absence when his son was in a horrible accident. He’s back!

We are already booking heavily for the spring Susquehanna trophy season—and the tidal Potomac largemouth pre-spawn. It’s a good idea to get on the books asap.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER (Weaverton to Seneca): ** ; <70; clear; extremely low; 1.1 at Point of Rocks

LOU guide Scott Johnson reports: POR gage 1.1′, water temp 60 at first light and very clear.

Fishing was “ok” this weekend as far as numbers of fish but was very good for size of fish with many of the fish caught in the 14″-18″ range. Early in the day spinnerbaits were effective, and the musky were active with 1 lost and 2 more follows. Throughout the day Campground Special tubes and flukes were the best producing baits. The pattern from the last couple weeks continued with fish caught behind shallow submerged ledges with good current and a mix of gravel and sand on the bottom. These areas are limited and harder to find but worth fishing, I cycled back through these areas twice during the day. There were also good numbers of very large bass moving in front of canopy ledges and on the outside edges of wintering holes but these fish were very reluctant to bite. The only way that seemed to coax them into biting was dead sticking a tube for several minutes. The floating grass continues to be a nuisance and is considerably worse on the Virginia side of the river, takes a lot of patience and often multiple casts to be able to get through the grass. I have a few dates left for this year, if you haven’t fished late fall, early winter you are missing out on a good time for big fish. Call/ text me at 240-625-2550 if you would like to book a trip, you can also follow me on facebook and instagram @ dcgscottj.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: *** ; but worse some days; <60; clear but for dying grass stains; weird tides; not many fishermen.

I fished the area between DC and Penrod Cove two times this week with rather disappointing results after a great “last-week.” My “bad-days” are some “good days” to others so I explain: In DC, the Washington Channel wall (be careful because you may be asked to leave” holds largemouth bass—tight to the wall, and Case Magic Stiks or Big Mouth KP Special spinnerbaits do the deed here.

The Naval shoreline below the Anacostia is holding a few smallmouth and stripers—but not like it should. Crankbaits, Case Magic Swim and Campground Special tubes.

Penrod Cove, WW Barges, Smoot Bay points and Belle Haven drop-offs are worth the effort—and it is better on outgoing tides. Tip: so many cold fronts and so much food can get bass in a funk. “Small-down” is good—and “aggressive” is also. Yep, both ends of the spectrum.

Small down is a piece of Magic Stik on a 1/0 RAB Teaser jig head (you may call it Ned).

Aggressive is the old Potomac standby: Bomber 7-A Firetiger on the bedroom drop-offs.

I have so many great sponsors and it is my job to promote them. As I’ve said so many time in the past, I can’t do what I do without: RiverPro; Mercury; Lowrance; Under Armour; NRA; Ardent; Yeti; Case Plastics, Zipper Worms; Sunline; Patagonia; Brent Nelson; Riverfront Campground; RAB Jig Heads; Campground Special Tubes; Big Mouth Lures; LOU Guides and Maggie. Now, I have witnesses every day as to what products we use. Get on this bandwagon and increase your catch. I’m watching! I know you are too.

KP3 reports: The colder nights led to an increase in activity throughout the Tidal Potomac River. In the Washington DC area stripers started to become more active but nowhere near the prevalence of last year. The stripers will hit just about anything when they are schooling but we caught them on small crankbaits, 1/4 ounce white buck tails and topwaters. The smallmouth will utilize the same areas as stripers but don’t like to socialize with their cousins. We caught smallmouth on Campground Tubes, topwaters and crankbaits. The largemouth were starting to school in traditional areas like Fox Ferry Point. We caught largemouth on dropshots in shallow water but near drop offs. They also have moved to hard cover. The phenomenal frog fishing continued in the south. Although the grass and mats are breaking up, there is still some grass areas that are holding big bass. The big bass seem to like an incoming tide and they are still very shallow. It has been the best frog fishing that I can remember but the end is near. The grass is disappearing and the bass will move to hard cover and drops in coming weeks. I have a lot of Potomac fish to help you catch this year yet, and I am booking for next year so call me to schedule yourself for the great spring fishing on the tidal Potomac, upper Potomac or Susquehanna. The year 2017 was absolutely fantastic. 240-478-9055,, Kenny penrod III the fishing detective on Facebook.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: **1/2 ; so clear; so low; so dangerous; 3.3 at Harrisburg; 3.4 at Newport on the Juniata; <60; so much floating grass.

A Great big Shout Out to a colleague and competing guide, Chris Walker of Walker Fishing Adventures. He is a US Military veteran and a great guy. Chris fell off his roof and destroyed a leg—something the overseas enemy could not do. Amputation was necessary. Chris—me and mine will do anything you need to help get over this. Anything

LOU guide Jason Shay reports: Fishing was tough at times this week. We had a good amount of big fish but needed to slow down and finesse the fish to put decent numbers in the boat. The fish are very lethargic and spread out all over the river. Flukes, tubes and ned eigs worked well when finessing. Spinnerbaits and topwater worked when we found some more active fish. The river is very low and extremely clear. Lots of boats are getting damaged. Make sure to be careful out there!

Jason Shay
Life Outdoors Unlimited Susquehanna River Guide
Instagram @Susquehanna_river_guide
(717) 507-4377