Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending September 10, 2023

Ken Penrod’s Fishing Reports

1997 National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame-Legendary Guide.
(Mailing Address) 1860 Robin Court, Lusby, MD 20657 <> 240-447-2206 <>
Fishing Report for Week Ending September 10, 2023
Ken Penrod 20-Inch Smallmouth Club
Sponsored by Ardent Outdoors and Riverfront Campground
Current Leader: Jay George; 6lb, 1 ounce; 21 ¼’
<>for shallows.
LOU Potomac River Largemouth Club
Current Leader: Paul Winner; 19.5”
Sponsored by Lowrance Electronics and Ardent Outdoors
LOU Fish of the Week
Smallmouth: Dale Zeigler (19”’
Smallmouth,. Youth: Emily (15.75”
Smallmouth, Ladies: Deb (17”
HOT HOT HOT: Lures of the Week
Smallmouth bass on the Potomac and Susquehanna are chewing topwater lures in the low-light hours especially poppers, Whopper Ploppers and buzzbaits. Mainstay offerings include Campground Tubes, Big Mouth spinnerbaits, Case Magic Swims and grubs.
Tidal bass are love the bass and frogs do best in the thickest. While Case Magic Swims and Big Mouth spinnerbaits and vibrating jigs are a must along edges. Bass staged on drop-offs can’t resist crankbaits and Firetigers and square bills are the ticket.
Watch the birds because they are hovering over schools of rockfish and it’s hard to beat a Case Magic Swim on an RAB swim jig head.
SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA in PA: ***; high 70s; some color; lots of floating grass; a jump to 5.2 at the Harrisburg station and 4.5 at Newport on the Juniata. Floating grass makes it difficult on moving lures so plan your cast carefully.
Zak Marinkov (717-507-2206) is delighting clients on his half-day outing where both size and quantity are exceptional. There is water to run-in thanks to rather heavy rain but that little surge pulled a lot of grass loose but the color is an asset. Work those current breaks with shorter casts but lots of them.
UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; 1.3 at the Point of Rocks station so avoid long runs and opt for drifts and floats in the prime water.
Lots of juvenile smallmouth, which we celebrate, but prime spots hold larger bass that don’t tolerate competition.
Suggested launch areas include Edwards Ferry, Whites Ferry, Lander and Brunswick. The drift between Brunswick and Lander can be bumpy but fruitful,
TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: ** to *** depending; near 80; 3.01 at Little Falls brings some color.
The area between Key Bridge and Fletchers is overlooked and it’s worth the time—if you have the time. A Case Magic Swim on a 1/8th ounce RAB swim jig head is awesome for covering quickly and efficiently—and smallmouth, largemouth and an occasional walleye are responsive.
Those DC bridge foundations, rip rap between the Anacostia and Bolling AFB. Are my favorites for higher tides but be at Fox Ferry Point during low current.
Penrod Cove and Smoot Bay have substantial dropoff haunts that are efficiently tested with a Bomber 7A firetiger crankbait.
Pomonkey Creek is a reliable sojourn if you don’t have other boats there—and run across the river to wet wood and military docks in Pohick Bay.
The south grass is being pounded by relentless tournament activity but upper Mattawoman and grassy coves near the confluence is still reliable early in the week.
United States Coast Guard Licensed Captains
Captain Ken Penrod (Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, Legendary Guide)
Susquehanna River, Juniata River, Tidal Potomac River, Eastern Shore Tidal Rivers;
Upper Potomac River; Stevenson Dam; Cameron County trout
Captain Dave Kerrigan, VP (301-252-5322)
Susquehanna River, Juniata River, Upper Potomac River, Tidal Potomac River
Captain Brian Barnes (302-745-4668)
Upper Chesapeake Bay, Tidal Potomac River, Nanticoke River, Choptank River, Wicomico River, Pocomoke River
Zak Marinkov (717-507-5053)
Susquehanna and Juniata Rivers in PA


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