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Week Ending June 14, 2020

LOU Fishing Report for Week Ending 61420

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LOU Fish of the Week: Largemouth
A Tie, Father & Son Tie
Chris Lipp
Ethan Lipp (His birthday)
Guide Grandson Special: 7 year old Joe, (Keith Barker’s Grandson)
(Sponsored by Lowrance Electronics & Ardent Outdoors)
LOU Potomac River Largemouth Club
Ethan Lipp (2)
Chris Lipp (2)
Ben Roger
OVERVIEW: a really hot week that drove water temperatures into the 80s with a few thunderstorms that didn’t do a thing for river levels which continue to fall slowly. Strong winds played a role some days and increased fishing pressure did also. The spawn is over and I’m seeing plenty of fry in the tidal water, but nothing in the upper Potomac. Tidal bass are related to various vegetation but don’t neglect isolated wood.
It’s time to ring the “Warning Bell” as another person was found drowned in the Potomac—said to have slipped on a rock and fell in. The other danger soon will be increased bacteria so carry some sanitized pads or liquid and do-not bite you line.
UPPER POTOMAC RIVER (Seneca to Brunswick): *; 80ish; clear but algae greenish; 2.8 slowly falling. Angler Bacteria Alert.
I certainly don’t have much to add in the “plus” column except to say—forget about those 50-100 bass days but don’t abandon this river completely. See, anyone can feel good about their skill level when the water is full of hungry fish—but the bass and pan fish population is really down—but not decimated. If you fish this river now, you will improve your skills because you just can’t cast and hook-up. Plan your day better and forget that random-cast technique. Look for “prime” ambush advantages, such as submersed ledges, push water on standing ledges; current break at long standing ledges and shade when the sun is high. I’m not seeing much aquatic hatch either.
If I could only ever have one artificial lure for any and all seasons it would be a plastic tube, and those Campground Tubes by Riverfront Campground were designed by a friend and I especially for Potomac and Susquehanna bass. The colors are generated for those waters. Now, some are selling our colors in a different name but copy-cats are kind of like compliments. Get yours from Johnny Cunningham at 717=877-2704—and you will want some 1/8th ounce RAB jig heads from him also.
My #2 smallmouth lure for the summer will be the Case Magic Stik from and I use it on a 3/0 worm hook or a #1 circle when Wacky style—and you need an O’Wacky Tool from the above site too. Use my discount code, KenP20, for 20% off, and its ok1 Colors: Penrod Purple and green pumpkin/gold for sure. Look at those hellgrammites while you are there and those Zipper Worms.
Get off your wallet and get a couple Whopper Ploppers because they are the fish-catchinist, tail-splashinist (new words but my words) ever—and perhaps the best, newest lure on the market.
You can but a spinning rod and reel for $1000-$1500 if you wish—if you think you will be a better fishermen, but friend—nothing beats experience, water savvy, casting accuracy and aquatic food source understanding. That expensive rod doesn’t come with an instructor—a “where to cast App” or a “is that a bite” alert. Stay in your lane folks.
The Ardent line of rods and reels are good enough for me—and that should say volumes because I could have just about any sponsor I wish. I’ll put more time on a rod and reel in one year than most will in a lifetime-so be real.
Choose the Ardent Edge rods and I like the C-Force & Bolt spinning reels. Same with the baitcasting choices. Great price, good warranty, but three for the price of a Loomis or the like.
Now—we go through this every year. “Are you wearing GOOD polarized sunglasses?” Shame on you if not. Good glasses are more important than top-of-line rods and reels. Go Costa guys. Do it.
Just ask you grandmother about sun damage, and you are not bullet-proof either. All jacked-up to fish and outfitted with your fancy shirt with logos you are being paid for (oops) but remember-there are several companies that understand sun damage and have the product to help. I was a huge fan of Under Armour but they couldn’t keep us with others and their political position became embarrassing. Simms is the deal these days and those people know fishing, from ponds to oceans. Long sleeve, hoodies, buffs, sun gloves, they are the best. I do like Huk, too and Carhart is getting with it.
Clothing or not—put that sun screen on before you leave the house—and do it again sometime during the day. Hey, I’m snow white, and burn easily, but I NEVER go out without. Get some buffs. Protect your ears and nose. Don’t use the spray stuff on your legs and sit in a man’s bass boat seat, it damages seat material. Wonder what it’s doing to your face?

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **to***; mid 80s; good color but some boat traffic staining; busy again.
Have you been paying attention to the weather patterns the past few years? I do, because my professions depends on it, and office bounds don’t because it doesn’t matter. The construction guys don’t need to know the history, just today, and imagine how wildlife copes.
Well, I’m “wildlife” and I have all the good stuff to wear—and I am experienced enough to study and depend on weather forecasts—just not those older than 12 hours though, because those people rarely-ever get it right.
My point is: monitor the weather but don’t trust it until the evening before your trip—and double check him again when you get up. I’ll change a meeting launch in a heartbeat, and do regularly, when necessary. See, “It ‘pends Da Vind” and the information I provide in my reports is for you, the ordinary angler with less experience, and the family guys. Don’t have that “tournament mentality” because THEY must launch at a certain spot—and return there. You don’t. Great places to be during strong NW winds are Mattawoman. More on this in an article al LOU Magazine.
WASHINGTON DC: We fished here on Wednesday but winds crippled our plans yet we caught smallmouth and largemouth in Pentagon Lagoon and the Washington Channel, yet I knew we needed to be in other spots on certain tides so I can’t give this a bad rating—just incomplete. As always—Case Magic Stiks and Case Magic Swims—plus Big Mouth, Penrod Special, spinnerbaits and I’m becoming a big fan of the Big Mouth “Red Bug” so ask Brian about them.
We fished Mattawoman/Chickamuxen/Belmont with a two-boat birthday gift to Ethan Lipp purchased by father Chris and Nathan brought a best-pal (Ben Rogers). Five anglers caught and released six LOU Potomac River Club bass and Ethan and Chris tied for LOU Fish of the Week with twin 18.75” chunks.
Boat traffic increases each day and now that tournaments are permitted in MD—expect more.
Best baits include the Case Magic Stik and the Penrod Special spinnerbait by Big Mouth Lure Company.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS (Montgomery Ferry to Fort Hunter): ***; low 80s; clear; 4.4 at the Harrisburg Gauge and steady for a few days; 4.1 at the Newport Station and steady.
Lower water and post spawn has smallmouth scattered about where tubes, spinnerbaits, jerk baits and Magic Stiks are great choices but buy and use those Whopper Ploppers asap.
It’s time to plan your day-floats and Riverfront Campground has the boats, tackle, camp sites, snacks and shuttle to set-you-up. Reach Johnny Cunningham for appointments at 717-877-2704.
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