Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending Easter Sunday 2021

LOU Fishing Report for Week Ending Easter, 2021
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LOU Fish of the week:
Smallmouth Bass: Brian Barnes: 20.25’
Toothy Critter: Paul Simms, Walleye
Ken Penrod 20-Inch Smallmouth Club:
Brian Barnes, 20.25’
We are hoping that each of you had a wonderful Easter. I stopped by a local church this morning then purchased a breakfast sandwich at Burger King and drove to the Amity Hall boat launch to do prep work for this fish report. The river was wrinkle free and simply perfect.
This was a wild and crazy week dominated by a serious cold front that sucked 8-degrees of water temperature. Winds were hectic much of the week and much has changed as far as fish location is concerned. This coming week looks favorable.
I’ve spent my birthday at Riverfront Campground perhaps the last 15 years and my favorite birthday meal is a hot dog on a stick over chared wood flames. This year was no different. Johnny and Corinne and Mo prepared a wonderful dinner after our trip and Tom taught us several campfire delight such as bacon and hard salami over the flames along with some great picked mushrooms and tangy home-made mustards. Mo served homemade Saur kraut on dog-buns too.
SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: ***; 50ish; Clear to “some color.” 5.5 falling to 5.0 by Wednesday at the Harrisburg gauge. 5.0 on the Juniata at the Newport gauge.
Cold and windy most days causing an 8-degree loss of water temps which moved bass to water a little deeper and a little swifter. Boat traffic hasn’t been bad.
Captain Dave Kerrigan reports reports good news overall on the Susky last week. Predicted river rises did not happen and the conditions were excellent for all locations we like to fish. Water temp had reached the fifties by mid week but cold nights later in the week dropped the temps about 10 degrees. That coupled with some windy days caused an excellent bite to slow drastically by Friday. Saturday was much better as the wind subsided and the water warmed back up to about 50. This is very typical for spring on the Susky, You must alter your plan according to what Mother Nature dishes out and are just going to have to deal with those TOUGH days. On my boat our best bait continued to be the Campground Special teaser tube in Penrod Rose and Green Pumpkin Purple Tail. We caught fish up and down the main river and on the Juniata in all our favorites’ spots – that is GOOD news! On Saturday we found fish on both banks and in mid river island cover. Grass bowls next!! My hat is off to one of LOU’s sponsors – Power Pole Shallow Water Anchors. I have 2 Pro Series II models mounted on the stern and a Micro mounted on the bow of my AlumaRyder rig and cannot tell you how great they are when I need to lock down the boat in an eddy pocket correctly so my anglers can access the target water we are casting to. Great products that make my job easier!!:
I fished a bunch in the Juniata, main stem east shore and a few local tribs with good result in spite of strong NW winds and a major cold front. The Campground tubes in the KP series are still the ticket but crankbaits, jerk baits and Case Magic Swims are solid choices. The river is falling quickly and that will move fish too. Current near eddies are prime holding grounds and just fish SLOW in the morning. Aedent rods and reels with 8# monofilament for the finesse presentations—Ardent bait casters with 12# Excel is best for the jerks and cranks.
TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: ***; mid-50s to 60; good grass growth in areas; clear water and good tides.
The recent cold front pulled a lot of bass out of shallows—but not too far. The DC area has been very good especially the Washington Channel, Pentagon Lagoon and rip rap shorelines.
The WW Bridge vicinity is solid, especially the old gravel pit coves adjacent to the bridge. Case Magic stiks, Campground tubes, rattling cranks and Big Mouth Big Shakey are top-producers.
Nearby Piscataway, Swan and Pohick Bay are worth the effort.
The southern trips such as Mattawoman, Chickamuxen, Occoquan and Aquia are lit-up nicely.
UPPER POTOMAC RIVER (Brunswick to Seneca); *L1/2; 4.3 falling to 3.5 by Wednesday; some color
I wish I had really good news but the best I can say so far is: “it’s fishing better than last year.”
Fish eddies near shoreline current breaks but look for mid river eddies when the level is falling.
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