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OU Fishing Report for Week Ending 5220.

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4/27/20 Fish of the Week

Largemouth Bass: Ladies Division: Mirissa
Crappie: Jack Flood; 14.5’ (2)
LOU Fish of the Week, Largemouth: Jack Flood
LOU Client Celebration Clubs and Attaboys:

LOU Fish of the Week 5220

Largemouth: Dr Dave, 19.5’

LOU Potomac River Largemouth Club
Dr Dave
KP (2)
COVID Caused Fishing Imprisonments via Various States:

Good afternoon, this was posted on the MDDNR website yesterday (4/29/20).

Department Offers Guidance for Striped Bass Season

Department Offers Guidance for Striped Bass Season
April 29, 2020
Marylanders are reminded that the governor’s Stay at Home directive to reduce COVID-19 transmission remains in place, and recreational fishing and boating are currently prohibited. Fishing for sustenance is allowed, which means anglers must catch and keep any legal fish and should return home as quickly as possible after doing so.
Under those guidelines, trophy-sized striped bass may be targeted in the Chesapeake Bay from May 1 through May 15 with a limit of one fish per person, with a 35-inch minimum size limit. All conservation regulations for this season can be viewed on the Maryland Department of Natural Resources website.
Charter boats and commercial fishermen, which are regulated as part of the food supply chain, can continue operating but must abide by social distancing guidelines and may not have more than 10 individuals (including captain and crew) on the vessel at any time. Following U.S. Coast Guard guidelines, the department recommends charter boat operators consider implementing additional safety protocols such as regular disinfecting of surfaces and using personal protective equipment.
Maryland Natural Resources Police will be on patrol to assure these rules and guidelines are being followed.

Good evening. This afternoon Governor Tom Wolf announced that the Wolf Administration is lifting some restrictions on businesses related to certain outdoor activities. Beginning May 1, 2020, walk-in fishing guiding is permitted as long as you are able to minimize personal contact and abide by social distancing and masking guidelines, including maintaining six feet between individuals. Guiding from a boat may be done if you limit clients to two or less and are able to abide by social distancing and masking guidelines, including maintaining six feet between individuals at all times. Charter boat guiding for more than two clients remains prohibited.
This updated guidance is found at:

COL Corey L. Britcher
PA Fish & Boat Commission

There is a stay at home law in VA but fishing and boating is allowed—and one must wonder how such a despised governor could be so much better that Hogan and Wolf in understanding that boating and fishing have no risk but lots of stress release. This just shows you what Hogan and Wolf thing about either recreation. By the way—Wolf did recently open up the guiding trade and while we appreciate the crumb—what about the thousands of dolls we lost—and the millions PA lost.
Warning to Boaters & Anglers:

Recent rains have cause flooding in virtually all of the region’s free flowing rivers and to that end—stay out. Several persons were rescued from the Potomac River this week and going out on a raging river without extensive experience and proper vessels is dangerous and rather incompetent.
You can always monitor river conditions from our website at and any number of published sites such as NWS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service. When in doubt—stay out.
River Predictions as of 5/3/2020:

Susquehanna River at Harrisburg: 12.7’ falling to 8’ by Wed
Juniata River at Newport: 14.6 last Thurs, currently 9.4, falling to 8’ Wed
Potomac River at Point of Rocks:
From 14.8 Sat, currently 9.6’ to 7.5 Monday
Little Falls: from 9’ Sat, currently 7.1 falling to 6’ Wed
(I use this to monitor potential flotsam and debris to the tidal Potomac)
April’s seven + inches of rain (Top 10 Wettest) along with every changing weather fronts and nasty winds have hampered anglers throughout the region and then May begins a deluge anew with serious flooding in all regional rivers. Virginia never prohibited fishing during this pandemic and Pennsylvania opened it to guides May1—and the Susquehanna quickly became unfishable. Maryland still prohibits recreational boating and anglers must catch and keep and go home—all states require social distancing. I wonder who is advising Governor Hogan—but it’s obvious that his “take” on boating and fishing is one of crowds and parties. Charter boats may operate within Covid guidelines.
Our reports will become more specific as conditions permit and when participants get the green light but for now, be safe, be prudent and call us for guided trips on the tidal Potomac and Susquehanna when you get antsy.
This is “Full Moon” week and largemouth should be spawning.
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