Ken Penrod's Mid-Atlantic Fishing Report

Week Ending September 11, 2022 (I’ll Never Forget)

Ken Penrod’s LOU Fishing Reports for 2022
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Week Ending September 11, 2022

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TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **-***; <80; dying floating vegetation; Ranked 21st in northeast by Bassmaster Magazine Days are getting shorter quicker than temps are getting cooler—but it’s coming-just don’t over-react. That full moon was creating some big tides which took some of our favored areas away for a while—but the low tides were really low and well worth waiting for. I’m still liking DC even though vegetation is absent and bass are scattered. Catfish and rockfish were more abundant that smallmouth and largemouth but a bite is a bite. You could actually work the rip rap from Anacostia to Bolling and back all day but hit those rocks on the airport side too. The Case Magic Swim, Campground tube, Bomber 7-A cranks and Case Pin-Tail worms are solid. Looking for rockfish? Troll the 10-12 foot contour along Fort McNair with Rapala Thugs and Bomber 70As but cast Big Mouth spinnerbaits or Big Sheys to the shelf between the drop and the wall. Slow down. Next best stops should be: Fox Ferry Point; submersed barges by the bridge; Hog Island; Fort Washington Lighthouse dropoff; Pomonkey Creek interior; Pohick Bay wood on south side; Naval base intake structure. Mattawoman and vicinity het hammered every day but still produce as good as any in the system. Stay with those spatterdock plants as long as they live. Get ya some snakeheads from the matts and shallow wood on frogs or flukes. I also so the thick veggies at Marsh Island. UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **; 2.2 at Point of Rocks with a few inch bump coming Wednesday; some color; mid 70s; NOTE: 2.2 isn’t much My only trip here this week was for geese and they were “high” and the bass were small but plentiful. It’s still quite clear and quite challenging if you try to go to areas one ‘‘farsee” to far. You simply can’t beat the Case Magic Stik, Pin Tail and Zipper Grub unless you have a good supply of Johnny Cunningham’s Campground tubes. You gotta try a Whopper Plopper or buzzbait in the morning. SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: **1/2; mid 70s; color some places and 4.2 at the Harrisburg measuring stick. 4.3 at Newport on the Juniata—not “Waneata.” The rise was welcomed by angler and inhabitants—just don’t get reckless. Butch Ward used to love this timeframe and it was his alone for years. Butch carried remnants of spinnerbait around to show everyone. Smallmouth bass just crush spinnerbaits—and that’s gearing-up now. Go to and get some. Johnny has a few in his campground store too. Remember, kit’s not too cold to get wet yet so consider one of Johnny’s float trips in rental boat with shuttle service to upriver starting points. <>
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