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Week Ending September 13, 2020

LOU Fishing Report for Week Ending 91320

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UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: (Brunswick to Seneca); *; low 70s; quite clear; grassless; gooseless; 2.4 at the station at Point of Rocks 2.4 dipping to 2’ by Wednesday.
Well, there isn’t any magic that I could “spell” you with that could make your smallmouth outings (or geese) productive. The upper Potomac is “deserted” and without extensive MD DNR stocking—it will be for several years. Don’t get me wrong, MD DNR didn’t cause the demise—but there feeble attempts and patronizing responses to angler complaints isn’t new either. MD DNR NEVER did anything of consequence for this waterway since Secretary Torri Brown and Dr Robert Bachman left. Biologist Ed Ennemitte (sic) was our hero after the 100-Year floods of the 1985, and 1999s. MD inland fisheries are “Red Headed Stepchildren” to Chesapeake Bay DNR Cultists.
My Client-Scout, Bill Giles, reports a Saturday 6-hour trip at Lander—where he never saw another boat (ON A SATURDAY) and he and his excellent partner caught 6 bass.
There seems to be lots of nighttime activity at many of the Piedmont launch sites because beer-can and needle litter is obvious. The National Park Service commands access to many launch sites but they sure-as-hello don’t do much to keep it safe, clean and drug-free.
We have been spoiled on this river, all of us, because I used to call 50-bass a bad day. Hey-stuff happens and nothing replaces the evils of Mother Nature other than the bounty of Mother Nature.
The “river” now demands “fishing excellence” or at least “angling prowess.” It’s no longer casting a Mepps or grub to random water and getting “something” every other cast. Today-it’s like buck-hunting. You best be stealthy, early, prudent and aware. There are bass to catch.
An “inquiring” individual “interviewing” me for an upper Potomac trip a few days ago said: “you keep on reporting on the same baits to use and it makes me wonder if they are paying you to do so.”
Well, you that know me also know how the rest of that went. It’s 6# test time guys but on good gear—not your daddy’s junk, but modern spinning rods and reels like Ardent makes—and I use.
Low, clear water isn’t for high-sun hours so go early or late. Scarce bass will command prime habitat so don’t “rush” in when stealth is important. Midriver water is best for a low-falling river—and canopy ledges are the targets.
Riverfront Campground “Teaser” tubes in the KP Series” on 1/8th ounce RAB jig heads is absolutely essential, and Case Magic Stik, Hellgrammites, Zipper Grubs, Big Mouth spinnerbaits and Whopper Ploppers.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: **; 80ish, boat wash stained and pretty stingy unless you want catfish.
The tidal Potomac River has been awash with environmental insult, aquatic vegetation and invasive species before and after I created my guide service and accompanying conservation accomplishments. Hell, It was the National Park Service that planted the “horrid” hydrilla in the 80s where desk-jockey experts predicted that the veggie would eat everything in the Potomac, then migrate to bus stops to eat kids. Same with the “snakehead.” Remember, the want to-be expert guides and scarce-as-jobs outdoor reporters, and even honest media said—“the End is near.”
The tidal Potomac River does have an issue, other than blatant pollution from Alexandria, Smoot Bay development and sewage treatment plant malfunction throughout.
It’s catfish, plain and simple, and Blue Catfish for sure. Time to turn on them guys. The bow hunters stabilized the snakeheads. Let commercial watermen sell blue catfish. They are dominating right now—but maybe the DNR Black Bass Committee has an answer.
If you have been struggling on the tidal Potomac, as I have, maybe you will feel better when you examine the recent FLW, Toyota. Tournament conducted Thursday thru Saturday. By the way FLW, thanks for the “weekend” relief where your total boat reduces to 10 for Saturday—and gone for Sunday. The citizenship that made these waters productive via catch and release ethics—appreciates you.
The Potomac was inundated all week with professional anglers hell-bent on finding and catching heavy limits of Potomac River largemouth bass, especially since BASS Magazine re-rated the Potomac in a recent edition of their “Best Lakes in America” edition of Bassmaster Magazine.
The winning 3-day total was 40-11 by James Malipin (13 pounds per day) and if you averaged 10 pounds a day-you got a check. About 20 anglers had less than 10 pounds for two days. That’s not the Potomac we know.
Special kudos to local anglers Brian Schmitt (4th), and Michael Hall (5th) for strong results. Actually, I talked with Brian Schmitt at Gravel Point last Tuesday and he predicted that 13 pounds a day would win.
It was a grass pattern predominantly with weightless stick baits, Pop-Rs. Punching and chatterbaits.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS of PA: **; clear.70s; 3.2 and steady at Harrisburg. 3.6 and slowly falling on the Juniata at Newport.
Water temps are cooling and we lose about 3 minutes a day so look for an upturn albeit, not a turn-around. There’s still enough water to get around on the main stem but you must carefully choose your way carefully.
Great water levels for floats and Johnny Cunningham has the boats and the shuttle service. Reach him at Riverfront Campground (717-877-2704). He’s the “man” for those Campground Tubes we brag about—and his RAB jig heads are the best.
Stay away from most shores and shop the ledges and deeper/darker holes where tubes, Case swim bait, Big Mouth spinnerbaits and Whopper Ploppers get the nod. Just remember-when you can see the bottom—the fish can see you.
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