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Week Ending August 10, 2020

LOU Fishing Report for Week Ending 81020

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All the hype over that “hurricane, tropical storm, coastal disturbance” was just more weatherman hoax in our region and did nothing to relieve the drought affecting our rivers. Now, the heat—that stayed and combined with low water has accelerated bacteria content. Blue/Green algae is cropping up everywhere. Montgomery County has issued a warning concerning a few of their smaller lakes—cautioning persons to keep their pets out of the water. Other jurisdictions should also but lack the funds or wherewithal to do testing.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS, PA: **; color by algae; 80s; 3.8 at the Harrisburg station and steady (that’s good for this time of year); 3.5 at Newport on the Juniata and steady.
Smallmouth bass fishing isn’t what it used to be but it’s better than any other river in the Chesapeake Bay system. There is so much conflicting information bouncing about including Commission Biologist Geoff Smith claiming that a “resurgence in the population beginning in 2018 and now with two full spawning periods, the population is continually getting back to normal levels as Smith projects the population is back just in time for the 2020 season.”
Perhaps Mr. Smith forgets about the record-breaking, summertime floods of 2018—and we can assure him that “populations are not nearly back.”
Then the CBF counters with talk of disease and claims a very popular and productive sector of the river is fraught with pollution and considered unsafe for humans.
On My!
Just remember that not so long ago the Commission went on a “Susqy Bass Have Cancer” binge and “smallmouth bass populations were on the verge of collapse.” The “Arway Closure” shut down major sections from May 1 to June 15.” The years of that closure mandate were some of the most productive we ever had and we have been guiding there since 1985.
Sure the population is “down” but it’s not “out.” Reports of great crawfish populations and “tons of Fry” should make you grin.
So, you spoiled guys stay home and wait for the “hatchery mode” to return while the river-talent has room to move around in your absence.
See Johnny Cunningham of Riverfront Campground (717-877-2704) for boat rentals and shuttle service—as well as fishing license, live bait, bass lures including the Campground Special Tubes, RAB Jig Heads and Big Mouth Spinnerbaits.
Like any shallow summertime river, the “early bird gets the worm” or so it seems. Use action baits in the morning such as Big Mouth Spinnerbaits, Case Magic Swims, Big Shaky vibrating jigs and crankbaits. Top water choices must include Whopper Plopper and buzz bait. I like the area between The Juniata River and New Buffalo on the main stem and the confluence to and beyond Amity Hall on the Juniata.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: ** to ***; some color; 80s;
The upper Potomac did not contribute much debris or dirty water to the tidal system but most tributaries to the south did. Hydrilla crops continues to dominate much of the shallow water
I like the DC sector now and there is so much to fish—especially if you venture towards Fletchers—and you should. Campground tubes to bridge foundations and rip rap. Big Mouth spinnerbaits to scant grass areas on main stem and Washington Channel. Case Magic stiks to slack water areas and don’t forget those crankbaits for the ledges.
WW Bridge area is fickle but holds plenty of fish. Middle river is inundated with vegetation so works the edges with Case Stiks and Big Mouth Sweetheart spinnerbaits. The concrete in Penrod Cove MUST always be tried and I like tubes and crankbaits here. Old barges by the bridge and further down river (Broad Creek and Hog Island) turn-on and off without explanation but do them
Pomonkey Creek and Pohick Bay are worth the time where spinnerbaits to vegetation and plastics to wood are hard to beat.
Mattawoman and Chickamuxen Creeks are fishing similar. Bass are fickle but snakeheads are cooperative Frogs for the snakes and Case Stiks for the bass.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: *; 80s; little color; 2.2 at Point of Rocks to 2.7 Tuesday to 2.9 Thursday.
You can see by the yo-yo levels that stability isn’t an asset—but I like to color and I like the lack of fishermen. Tubers on weekend are another issue though and it seems to me that NPS should be providing some oversight especially at the launch sites. It’s chaos and inappropriate consideration along with so much trash. The parking lots at boat ramps SHOULD be for fishermen, especially boaters—and not for trail walkers. NPS wants control of the C&O entrapped Potomac as long as it doesn’t create work for them. Remember—they raced to some of the launches during the Obama shotdown to install gates to keep you and I out.
My report area is Seneca to Brunswick. Right now, I like Whites Ferry upstream and Lander downstream—where morning hours are dedicated to Whopper Ploppers—but followed up with Case Magic Stiks—Wacky style.
Algae is becoming prevalent and that means bacteria. DO NOT allow river water into your mouth or on skin cuts or abrasions.

I really like Rocky Gorge, a WSSC reservoir bordered by Prince George and Howard counties. You will need a permit and a fishing license. Google WCCC/Rocky Gorge for details. Triadelphia Reservoir is a sister lake.
Connowingo Reservoir is another forgotten water. It’s the last impoundment along the Susquehanna River where both MD and PA fishing license are honored. It has all the species and isn’t very crowded.

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