Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending September 10, 2017

Notes: Our fishing report will also be posted to Ken's page "Ken Penrod's Life Outdoors Unlimited" ( as will be our client photos.

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Susquehanna Smallmouth: Bill Giles with Jason Shay: 18"
Tidal Potomac Smallmouth: Mark Getsman with KP: 17.5"
Tidal Potomac Largemouth, Guide Mention: KP3: 20" &
LOU Lo-Po Club

UPPER POTOMAC—Seneca to Weaverton: **; 1.5 @ Point of Rocks steady; clear; 68

It's "bumpy" throughout the river and it doesn't look like any of the southern storm activity will be sending rain in this direction. Lots of floating grass makes active lures difficult to use. MD Resident Goose Season is in play.

Cooling water will perk-up the activity of the larger bass but there are plenty of small fish eager to eat those Campground Special tubes by Riverfront Campground (717-877-2704) attached to RAB jig heads also available from Campground--via mail if you wish. My next-best lure is the Case Magic Stik in the Ken's Stik or Green Pumpkin/Gold colors. The Zipper grub in Green Pumpkin and Sinkin' Salty Shad are must-have plastics and get them at and use my discount code for 20% off (KenP20).

I am a big fan of the Ardent rods and reels. See the complete lineup at and if you buy before September 30 get a 25% discount by using code "INTRO25" at checkout.

I'm down to 6-pound test mono now--and will continue until we get some color to the water.

It's pretty much a "ledge" with current pattern for now. Allow the current to transport your offering over the ledge--and hang on.
This style of fishing is absolutely made-for-youngsters. The fish are cooperative--it's almost a sure bet that they will catch some and the river is beautiful with lots of nice distractions such as bald eagles, ospreys, noisy Blue Herons, wild turkey, deer and river inhabitants easily see from the boat. Ken has always been "all-in" with the younger anglers. He formed and supervised the national award winning Maryland BASS Federation Youth Activities program. For 25 years he has been operating a summer youth camp for boys between 12-18 where the fishing and shooting arts are taught from his mountain lodge in PA.

Look to LOU Magazine on Facebook later this week to read LOU guide Scott Johnson's article about fishing with youngsters.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: ***; <70; lots of floating grass; rather clear.
Congratulations to Michael Nutter, a former Camp Sycamore attendee, who won $10,000 in a bass tournament held out of Smallwood State Park over the weekend.

Bass fishing results vary throughout the system but there are plenty of big bass available if you persist. "Green" grass is still the major cover but it's dying quickly. Find the healthy vegetation and fish-it.

The DC sector has been very stingy all week but that's about to change. I'm doing best with Big Mouth spinnerbaits in the "Penrod" design but I'm adding a Case Lil Magic Swim and fishing rip rap of Channel grass.

LOU guide, Captain Kenny Penrod 3 adds: The tidal Potomac River continues to have small feeding opportunities that are totally dependent on being in the right spot at the right tide. The D.C. section continues to fish difficult but this is consistent with my records from last year. I expect a positive change in the next couple of weeks. We have caught some bass on crankbaits along riprap. The smallmouth like a fast outgoing or incoming tide while largemouth visit the same spots but at slower tides. It will be very soon when stripers will start chasing bait in large schools. I know I've said it the last couple of weeks - but D.C. Is going to explode soon. The falling water temperatures, short days will bring baitfish to the surface and that will begin the great fall bite.

Below the Woodrow Wilson bridge it has been exciting to fish frogs and buzzbaits in the grass. It requires a bunch of casts in the right areas but when they strike - it is all worth it. I suggest that you find milfoil or grass clumps that leave bass room to ambush. I would avoid densely packed hydrilla beds. I would also look for clean water. When you find the right combination of milfoil and water clarity - make sure you are there during the last hour of outgoing and first hour of incoming tides. The fish are there but there is also an abundance of feed so they don't have to work very long to fill their bellies. I also have a new buzzbait tactic that is very effective in shallow grass. You will have to see it to believe it! In sum, you have to love fishing, be persistent, be patient and trust your skill of spotting habitat and understand tides. That's why I love fishing the tidal Potomac.

My Ranger is in the shop again but I hope to have it back soon. I'm looking to buy a new Ranger. Go to my Facebook and look at my resume if you are a dealer looking to sell a boat. I'm still out there fishing from my jet boat. Call me at 2404789055 to book a trip. Visit my Facebook to see my fishing updates, videos and fishing tips.

SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ***; <70; low and clear; 3.5 and steady at the Harrisburg gauge. On the Juniata River at Newport, it's 3.7 and steady.

The "speed bumps" are showing so don't overestimate your navigation skills. Those ledges are sharp and plentiful.

LOU guide Matt Greene reports: The main steam Susquehanna has been holding steady and clear this week with a drop in water temperature. We have dealt with full moon conditions all week and still landed good numbers. The main bait of choice this week has been top water and more top water then I followed up with a spinnerbaits and swim jigs. With that being said the top water action has definitely started to work all day so if you are thinking of making the trip north and book a trip with us I would definitely recommend the next couple of weeks. 717-576-3735

LOU guide Jason Shay adds: Fishing has been good with best success in the morning and evening hours. Lots of white fly hatches are spiking the feeding activity. During the hatch periods we are doing well on a Pop R with a white fly tail. Spinnerbaits and swimbaits are putting a lot of fish in the boat and they have been working best around areas with heavy current and good oxygenated water. Reach Jason at 717-507-4377.

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