Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending April 23, 2017

Notes: Our fishing report will also be posted to Ken's page "Ken Penrod's Life Outdoors Unlimited" ( as will be our client photos.

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LOU Fish of the Week, Largemouth: Andre Miesneiks, 20" with KP3
LOU Fish of the Week, Smallmouth: Bill Nearhoff with Ken 
KP-UA 20-Inch Smallmouth Club sponsored by Ardent, Under Armour & Riverfront Campground.
Bill Nearhoff with Ken; Shawn Johnston with Snag; Alex George with Scott
LOU Lo-Po Largemouth Club:
Andre Meisneiks with KPs


SUSQUEHANNA & JUNIATA RIVERS: ****; 64, main river muddy-tribs clear; 8.4 at Harrisburg falling to 6.5 by Wednesday. 4,7 and steady.

The main river "spiked" from 5.5 to 9.5 this week while most tributaries including the Juniata were not affected but for back-up. Bass fishing was/is off-the-chart this week. I have worked the Juniata with Campground tubes and the Juniata with tubes and jerk baits. The Case Magic Stik is magic in slack water but don't hesitate to use it with weight also. The Case Salty Shad can be twitched but let it die more often -- and hang on. There were five 100+ days in our service this week.

Captain Dave Kerrigan has worked the main river until he was chased away but current and dirty water. Dave likes critter baits and tubes.

Jason Shat adds: This has been an incredible week. It started with a tube bite and as temps approached 60 by mid-week they were eating spinnerbaits and topwater viciously. By Sunday the river rose almost 4 foot in 24 hours. And it became once again a tube bite. Campground teaser tubes in Rose color and Chartreuse spinnerbaits worked best. Lots of boat traffic especially in the Juniata River.

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: ***1/2; hgh 60s; some stain
The river is fishing very well for largemouth bass from DC to Chichamuxen. Look for Aquia to light-up. 

KP3 reports: KP3 reports that the big bass supplemented by big snakehead catches continued this past week on the tidal Potomac River. The bass were in spawning and post spawn locations. KP3 centered on spawning flats and drains near spawning flats that contained key ingredients - hard bottom and grass (preferably milfoil). A slow presentation with a weightless Case hand poured Magic Stick (green pumpkin/purple) produced the biggest bass. In some cases and specific locations - a dropshot lured spawning bass effectively. Texas rig your dropshot and use a cylinder 1/8 weight. Follow the fishing on KP3 Facebook (Kenny Penrod III - fishing detective). Call Kenny at 240-478-9055 to book a trip.

Keith Barker adds: Again, this week I fished the Bulltown Cove to Penrod's Cove (Spoils) segment of the river. Grass growth is reaching the surface on some of the spawning flats. Especially at low tide. The best spawning flats feature 2' to 6' of water, scattered wood or chunk rock, grass and a hard bottom. Flats devoid of grass are not holding many bass. Water temps are in the mid 60's and catching remains at a high level on the productive flats. My Tuesday half day trip produced 14 bass on an incoming tide. The largest of which weighed 4 # 7 oz. Every one of them caught on a 5.5" Green Pumpkin Gold, Case Magic Stik rigged Texposed. These are the magic days we all dream about. If you have a youngster you want to get fired up on fishing, now is the time to put them on the water. You can reach me at 301-509-2102 or via to book a trip. 

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: **1/2; 2.7 at Point of Rocks and rising to about 4-eet by Wednesday. 60's with some color.
LOU guide Scott Johnson reports: POR gage 2.7, temp 63 and stained. Visibility 2.5' from recent rains. Fish long was ok this week by fishing campground special tubes on current seams and larger flats with hard bottom and chunk rock. Remember at this water temp fish are seeking current, either in it or feeding on the seam. Fishing will only improve through May and June so contact me if you would like to book a trip at 240-625-2550. 

I attended one of the four public meeting that the PA Fish & Boat Commission conducted throughout the Susquehanna River basin. The meeting were designed to advise the public on reasonable smallmouth population recovery and their plan to eliminate the "closure" for the 2018 season. 
There were 12 people at the Harrisburg meeting along with 12 Commission personnel. LOU guide John Stygler attended a different meeting and there were 7 people there.
I find it interesting that people bitch and moan about fisheries but that's the extent of their concerns. I call them crickets. Even the guides that moaned about the loss of revenue were absent but for my guys and Gorsuch. I have worked the past 30 days-but I found time to be there. Don't tell me how busy you are!!!

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