Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending June 18, 2017

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Largemouth; Kevin Grolig--with KP3 on the Potomac

Smallmouth: Geoff Ingram-- with Jason Shay on the Susquehanna

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Kevin Grolig with KP3 on the Potomac

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JUNE 17 - Opening Day of PA Bass Fishing - All Susquehanna Waters opened to Bass Fishing !!

The tidal Potomac (DC to Aquia) is fishing great and the FLW tournament is over this weekend. The river and its boat ramps will be wide open. The topwater bite is red hot ! Book a morning or late afternoon trip to take advantage of this exciting fishing. Imagine largemouths bashing topwater frogs in the grass and smallmouths hitting Whopper Ploppers in DC.
My summer youth camp begins July 10 as of new--we are maxed-out with attendees unless there are 6 new boys between the ages of 12-18, then we can have another session for July 24-28.  
The upper Potomac (Lander, Whites Ferry, Seneca, Edwards Ferry) is filled with fish. I had reports of 100 fish days at Whites Ferry and Landers. These areas are close to the DMV area but the scenery and fishing will make you feel like you are a hundred miles away. These areas are a great place to introduce kids to fishing because of the constant action. Morning and afternoon trips are available!

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: *** 2.4 at Point of Rocks on Sunday--NOAA expects river to rise to 3.3 by Wednesday. 74-78 degrees; water clear in Lander area.
The Upper Potomac fishing from Seneca to Landers has been great for numbers of fish. I had reports of a 100 fish day at Whites Ferry and nearly 50 in only 4 hours of fishing from the Landers Ramp to the Sawbuck. If NOAA predictions of a rise in water levels are accurate- this week could be terrific! The increased water temperatures, higher water levels, and bigger fish recovering from the spawn could add up to fantastic topwater fishing.

The equipment necessary to fish the upper Potomac is simple- Ardent medium action spinning rods and reels loaded with 8# monofilament. Although an unlimited variety of lures can catch fish, the wise angler will have the consistent fish catchers tied on - Campground Tube, wacky rigged Case Magic Stick and a topwater tied on. These lures can cover a variety of water conditions from underwater ledges to island points, to rock strewn holes below riffles. I just read for the 100th time- my dad's book "Pursuing River Smallmouth Bass." I will say what I've said a thousand times- There are no shortcuts to becoming a better fisherman. If you want to improve your fishing success - improve your knowledge of fish habits and habitat. Invest in knowledge and read this book- I guarantee it will improve your angling success much more than any investment you make into a new lure, rod, or reel.

LOU Guide Scott Johnson (240-625-2550, reports "Fishing this week has been very good for constant action from aggressive fish.  Even the bluegills are attacking full size spinnerbaits with fury.  With dropping the dropping water levels the fish have made the move to summertime habitat, submerged ledges and current breaks in fat moving water.  Rock flats with faster moving water are holding many small fish, but these areas that have big fish habitat nearby that are worth fishing.  Riffles and faster moving water near shoreline vegetation can also be good areas.  It is a fun time to be on the water as there are a number of productive baits, topwaters have been very good this week as well as Snagler Spinnerbaits.  For constant action you can't go wrong with Campground Special Tubes, and the fish are biting very well on Case Magic Stiks, which I prefer in summer.  At the current water level it can be a little bumpy so you use care, I have seen/ heard a number of boats hit this week."  For pictures and updates on the fishing you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram @ dcgscottj.  You can also contact me at 240-625-2550 or email at if you would like to book a trip for the upper Potomac or Susquehanna River.  

LOU Guide Kenny Penrod III (240-478-9055)- reports that fishing was very good at Whites ferry and Landers this week. The fish were located on mid-river ledges and breaks. In the morning, fish were found in front of the ledges and on the up current points of islands. In the morning I would generally throw a topwater bait or Case Sinking Minnow. As the sun got higher- a Campground Tube or wacky rigged Case Magic Stik caught the fish. I recommend to clients that they focus on learning how to read current to find current breaks and then using a tool (lure) that allows you to present and keep the bait in the strike zone of the fish. I always have a moving lure for aggressive fish that station themselves directly in moving water and are actively feeding and a plastic bait such as a tube, ned rig, or small swimbait that can be presented to fish that are holding tighter to cover and have a smaller strike zone.

SUSQUEHANNA RIVER *** -- 4.6 at Harrisburg and rising slightly to 4.8 on Wednesday, 70's water temperature, stained.

The exciting news is that the areas affected by the bass closed season are NOW OPEN and the fishing reported this past weekend has been excellent. The bass are delivering absolutely jolting strikes to topwaters, spinnerbaits, and chatterbaits. The action will continue throughout the summer and fall.

The experienced LOU guides can do full day and half day trips. The guides can also accommodate half day "after work" fishing trips.

LOU Guide Jason Shay- (717- 507-4377) - reports that fishing was excellent on Saturday. Spinnerbaits, chatterbaits. and topwater were the ticket. Fish were super aggressive and all but ripped the rod out of your hands. There was a fair amount of boat traffic and Most of the water was stained due to a rise up north.

LOU Guide Matt Greene- (717-576-3735)- reports, "I covered the upper West Branch of the Susquehanna this week. The river was clearing up and dropping which set up for some good fishing. The topwater action was good the first half of the day then a combination of spinnerbait, swimmbait, and swim jig. I will be back on the lower main stem this weekend hoping to start out with a bang." 

; water temperatures 75-78 slightly stained, Tides this coming week will be high and outgoing in morning near Alexandria.

The FLW tournament will end today and fishing patterns will then be clarified. It appeared -- no surprise- that the patterns centered on fishing grass beds with plastics. It was interesting to note how the pros' choices of fishing locations were primarily dependent on tides. There is no more important aspect of Potomac fishing than understanding the tides and how the tides affect fish movements. Through the remaining of the year- look for lower moving tides that coincide with low light hours for best chances of success.

The fishing continues to be excellent on the tidal Potomac River. Our LOU Lo-Po Largemouth Club roles have swelled to nearly 100 over 18-inches long. This Club will honor the largest fish of the year with a Lowrance Elie sonar/GPS unit and one of the members will win an Ardent rod and reel via draw.

KP3 reports: KP3 (240-478-9055, reports- " I had a fantastic week on the tidal Potomac River. I concentrated on the DC section of the Potomac since many of the FLW pros were in the south. I found that fish were far more aggressive this week and would hit crankbaits and topwaters. I also found smallmouths from the Kennedy Center wall to Fox Ferry. The dropshot, Campground Tube, wacky rigged Case Magic Stik, Ned rig, and shallow diving crankbaits were the lures I used predominately. Don't overlook that Ned Rig up north. Fishingcompleteinc sells mushroom heads, dropshot weights, wacky tools, and neko rig weights- all these tools are vital from the Kennedy wall to the Spoils. I was "on them" this week and spent much of my time filled with anxiety that a FLW pro would slow down and find certain locations. It's a great time of year for topwaters in the evening and morning. In my opinion- topwater frog and buzzbait fishing has no equal. In sum, go south and find healthy green grass- concentrate on grass points, holes, edges, and areas were slightly deeper water comes near the grass. In the north, concentrate on bridge pilings and flats next to the main river that have some sort of grass. Also, slow down and learn to fish finesse style such as Campground tubes, neko rigged Magic Stiks, ned rigs, and a dropshot. These little baits catch big fish.

LOU Guide Keith Barker reports- This week I fished the 6 mph zone of Mattawoman Creek from Slavin's landing.  Water temps are in the low to mid 80's.  The river is still running high and the water is still stained.  However, the top water bite is on big time especially at high tide over flooded vegetation.  Without a doubt, the most productive bait is the Whopper Plopper in either the 90 or 130 sizes.  Buzz Baits, and Zara Spooks are working too.  If there is cloud cover this is not just a morning or evening bite.  You can use the top water approach throughout the day.  Keith can be reached at either 301-509-2102 or

The following list of my guides and their waters is an option for you also. We have the best guides in the business and the waters we fish are legendary. KP is enshrined in the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame -- and he wrote the books on fishing in this region.

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