Life Outdoors Unlimited Fishing Report
For Week Ending August 6, 2017

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Smallmouth: Gavin with KP3 on Susquehanna
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Gavin with KP3 on the Susquehanna

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The heavy rain of last week muddied the tidal and Upper Potomac but the good news is that the water has cleared and both are in excellent fishing condition. Hopefully, the predicted rain for Monday won't be too bad and one can take advantage of the excellent water levels on the upper Potomac. The rain also affected the Susquehanna and the water was discolored for much of the week. However, by the end of the week the main stem had cleared and the fishing was excellent. Fishermen should take advantage of these excellent water levels on our smallmouth waters because it's unusual for August. My prediction is for red hot smallmouth fishing on both the Susquehanna and Upper Potomac this week. I also believe that the tidal Potomac- especially in DC- will produce excellent fishing as water temperatures decrease and water clarity improves.
Enjoy the fishing report. It is meant to be a service to our readership. The report is geared to all fishermen of all fishing abilities. We are grateful to our sponsors because they help us provide this report and help us pass on the love for fishing and the outdoors. In addition, we promote our sponsors because the products they produce - "work"- period. There is no fake news in the LOU Fishing report.

I (KP3) fish with a lot of different people but I hear some basic reoccurring themes reference fishing success that I don't necessarily agree. I don't necessarily agree with "secret" lures or that fishing is accurately depicted through television or u-tube videos. However, one can improve their fishing through time on the water and knowledge gained through a variety of formats. That being said- I still carry my dad's books on my boats. I can't guarantee much in fishing but I can guarantee that if you read "Ken Penrod's Tidal Potomac River Fishing Bible" or "Pursuing River Smallmouth Bass" - you will be a better fisherman.
Camp Sycamore. Cameron County, Sinnamahoning, PA:- The good news is that the George B Stevenson Dam in Sinnemahoning State Park is now open. LOU will soon be adding guide service on this beautiful lake.

UPPER POTOMAC RIVER: *** 3.9 at Point of Rocks on Sunday and falling. -- 80-83 degrees; water stained in Lander area.
LOU Guide Captain Kenny Penrod III (240-478-9055)- reports that the fishing improved through late last week. As the water clarity improved- so did the fishing. This coming week should produce excellent fishing if heavy rains don't muddy the river again. When the river is discolored, I moved closer to the banks, island points, and grass beds and threw my favorite Upper Potomac crankbait - Cotton Cordell Big "O" in chartreuse colors. I used this lure almost exclusively and did quite well. As the water clears, I will go back to my trusty topwater lures. I will throw a topwater bait all day and expect to catch larger bass - even in the middle of the day. I will look for faster moving water and fish breaks in the heavy current. I also like to fish shady banks with a topwater lure in the middle of the day. I like to use a variety of topwater baits that move in different rhythms and pace. I like a 1/8 ounce buzzbait when fish are chasing bait. I like a Case Sinking minnow when they want something just below the surface. I like the Whopper plopper when fishing heavy current breaks because I can keep it in the strike zone a fraction longer. Don't neglect to fish mid-river ledges with ned rigs and Campground Teaser Tubes with a 1/8 ounce RAB jighead.

The decreasing daylight and water temperatures will spark some great fishing - very soon. I do full and half day (evening and morning) trips on the Upper Potomac from Edwards Ferry to Whites Ferry to Lander.

SUSQUEHANNA RIVER *** - 4.7 at Harrisburg and falling slightly through the week- 80's water temperature, stained but clearing.

LOU Guide Matt Greene- (717-576-3735)- reports, "By the end of the week the west shore of the main stem was clear enough to see the bottom but the middle and east shore were still stained. That being said the entire river is fishable but different lure colors are needed to produce good results. The baits of choice this week are still spinnerbait and chatterbait. The numbers have stayed constant all week with some above average size coming over the rail also. All in all -this has been an awesome Summer and the fishing will only get better."

LOU Guide Jason Shay (717-507-4377)- reports, "Fishing has remained good this week due the constant water flow. We have been getting big fish and good numbers. Spinnerbaits, swimbaits and topwater has all been producing good bites. The east shore is still stained but better water can be found on the west shore and mid river. Evenings have been producing good quality fish."

Captain Kenny Penrod III (240-478-9055)- reports, "The fishing was so good I spent several nights at the Red Carpet motel. I plan to do the same thing this week - so if you want to experience some great spinnerbait fishing - call LOU and book a trip. The fishing improved as the week went on - with Thursday being absolutely phenomenal spinnerbait fishing that produced a load of 17-19 inch fish. I fished the discolored east bank with Bigmouth Spinnerbaits in Penrod and Penrod Firebug colors. These spinnerbaits have brightly colored skirts and blades that work great in stained water. I used the half ounce version and fished very close to the bank. I also used a brightly colored ultra vibe crawfish as the trailer. The fish were extremely aggressive near shallow grass beds and the strikes were arm jarring. When by myself, I would place the boat close to shore and move slowly upstream. It was important to make accurate casts to current seams. As a warning - use high quality baits (Bigmouth spinnerbaits), high quality rods/reels (Ardent Edge casting rods/Ardent Apex reel), and 14 lb Sunline monofilament. These fish are beasts and will break your heart if you fish lesser equipment. Also, check your line for nicks and abrasions after every fish."

TIDAL POTOMAC RIVER: ***1/2; water temperatures 80's and slightly stained.

The fishing continues to be excellent on the tidal Potomac River. Our LOU Lo-Po Largemouth Club roles have swelled to nearly 100 over 18-inches long. This Club will honor the largest fish of the year with a Lowrance Elite sonar/GPS unit and one of the members will win an Ardent rod and reel via draw.

Captain Kenny Penrod III: KP3 (240-478-9055, reports- "The rain dirtied the water and fishing slowed down. I would expect that the fishing will dramatically improve this week with better water clarity. I will also look for lower water temperature to improve the fishing in DC. The fishing has been tough in recent weeks but a dropshot during stronger tides will catch both largemouth and smallmouth bass. During the summer, I prefer the stronger mid-tides. Recently, I moved south and have found fish in Milfoil grass. I fish a frog at lower tides but have found that a big, Ultravibe plastic worm in bluegill colors swam over the grass to be effective. Expect big largemouth and snakeheads to attack this big worm. The fish are heavily pressured in the good grass areas - so your bite opportunity is usually not very long."

Fall is prime time for the DC Slam where smallmouth, largemouth and stripers school in Washington DC. Also, it will soon be frog time in the grass where morning and evening trips to the prolific grassbeds can produce hair rising strikes by giant bass. Call me to schedule a full or half day trip.

Deep Creek Lake - Effective immediately, we will not be taking reservations for fishing trips on this lake When this changes, it will be announced.

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